Christmas Tree Thief Sought by Police

This Miami theft case is making national headline news. There are some things that you would have thought could never be stolen because either they are far too big, too visible or impossible to conceal. This latest Florida theft incident has seen the theft of 2 semi trailers stacked up with Fraser fir Christmas trees which are not only conspicuous but emit a noticeable fragrant smell too. Miami police are searching for the two trailers which went missing last week from the Costco megastore parking lot in the suburb of Kendall in Miami, Florida. The value of the trees is estimated at $35,000, a police report said. The owner of the trees and trailers is a company called Florida Beauty. The man

New Caselaw: Your Can Still Withdraw Consent to a Search Even if At First You First Consented

You’re pulled over in Miami or Fort Lauderdale, and the cop asks for consent to search your car. He’s not really telling you if you’re free to go, and you unfortunately agree to the search. You thought he meant a quick search up front, but now he’s wants you to pop the trunk. Is it too late to change your mind? Probably not, you can change your mind about consenting to a police search of your vehicle or person according to a recent case out of the Fourth Circuit. Even if you initially agreed to a search—and you should not ever agree to one—you can withdraw consent. In U.S. v. Patiutka, the driver was pulled over for having tinted windows that appeared too dark and for failure to maintain his

Why are Some Acts of Alleged Criminal Activity so Obvious?

Just recently, police arrested a man in central Florida for stealing two big screen TVs, but in rather a bizarre manner. The crime was carried out in a way that reminds me of a 1970’s movie. The man, 46 year old Vantice Beshears, was arrested after he broke into a Honda dealership to carry out the theft. He made the whole act quite obvious because he appeared to have no getaway vehicle to put his loot into, so he placed it in an SUV on display in the showroom. He then didn’t choose the normal way of driving a vehicle out of a showroom but drove the SUV right through the glass windows which surrounded the showroom. Once out of the showroom Beshears didn’t take too much notice of how he was dr

Bug Searcher Arrested for Indecent Exposure in Ladies Restroom

Lorenzo Adan Ramirez is now in prison for allegedly exposing himself to a woman in a restroom in a swimming pool area at the Villages, Leesburg. Ramirez, who normally works as a landscaper, told police officers that the exposure took place while he was searching for a bug in his pants. It appears that the motive he gave for his behavior was not accepted by the police. Women in the restroom claim that he was so busy doing the searching that it was unlikely he was searching for a bothersome insect. When someone breaks the law in Florida it is treated very seriously, whatever its nature. Exposing sexual organs in public is no exception and is covered by Florida’s indecent exposure laws. Under F

How Severe is the Penalty for Being a Drug Mule?

It seems that swallowing 15 cocaine pellets was just a practice run for seasoned drug smuggler Matthew Lawson, aged 32 years. He was arrested in September 2015 at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport when he flew in from Jamaica for swallowing and smuggling 115 pellets of cocaine, which weigh around two pounds. He has just pleaded guilty in Fort Lauderdale’s federal court. He said he had been smuggling the drug for years, beginning with only 15 pellets. When Lawson admitted he swallowed the pellets, he told investigators it wasn’t his first time smuggling drugs into South Florida. He told law enforcement officials that he had been transferring cocaine from one country to a

What if I’m Charged with a Crime While Visiting Miami?

Miami is one of the most popular cities for tourists in the entire United States. Last year, more than 14 million tourists came to enjoy the city. More than 7 million were visiting from abroad. Many millions more were visiting from out-of-state. And that’s just Miami – add Fort Lauderdale or Key West and we’re talking even higher numbers. That’s no surprise. Maybe you came to enjoy a cruise, and you were one of the more than 8 million people who departed from PortMiami or Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale, the two busiest passenger cruise ports in the world. Or you came down for the Winter Music Congress or Miami Salsa Congress, for Carnaval Miami or the South Beach Food and Wine Fes

Man Pulls Gun and Crashes After Being Denied Job

It has been reported that a man appeared to have become extremely upset after being denied a hair cutting job in a barber’s shop. The incident ended up in a police chase in Casselberry where the barber’s shop was located. It has been alleged that the suspect pulled a gun after being turned down for a barber’s job but then fled from police. In the process, he crashed into two cars and damaged them. He then flipped his own vehicle and as a result damaged bushes, trees and a lawn. Sounds like a movie, doesn’t it? Well, surprisingly, these type of things are almost a daily occurrence somewhere in Florida. TouchUps barbershop situated on 400 State Road was the place where this particular emo

Jacksonville Man Still Waiting for Murder Trial 7 Years On

A man who allegedly shot his friend nearly seven years ago is still in jail waiting for a trial that never seems to come. He has pleaded not guilty and his argument is that he shot the other man in self defense, but it seems that it has been hard to sort out the best way to defend him. Harold Hammond is now 54 years old and has been talking with his sixth defense attorney since his arrest in 2009 for the murder of his friend, Kenneth Solada. It appears that Hammond and Solada were arguing over drugs and money in a mobile home in Westside. Prosecutors have alleged that Hammond shot two bullets into Solada’s head during the argument and then hid the weapon. He was arrested on an unrelated c

One Trial or Two? Why it Matters

A Miami criminal defense attorney may request that a defendant be given more than one separate trial in certain circumstances. This may happen if the defendant has been charged with multiple offenses and the offenses are alleged to have been committed at separate times and are not necessarily connected with each other. Prosecutors tend to prefer to have all offenses tried together, especially if one of the alleged offenses is particularly convincing. The thinking on both sides is that a jury who decides that a defendant is guilty on one charge may be more likely to decide that he or she is guilty on other charges as well, while different juries separated by time may think quite differentl

How Intellectually Disabled Should You Be to Avoid Death Row?

Rodney Renard Newberry, aged 46, was convicted of the 1st degree murder of Terrese Pernell Stevens, aged 38, when he used an AK-47 to shoot him a dozen times while along with two other males he robbed him in the parking lot of a club just north of Jacksonville’s Springfield district. The Florida Supreme Court doesn’t know how intelligent Newberry is, and that may make it hard for the justices to make an intelligent ruling on whether the Jacksonville man belongs on Death Row. As with many homicide cases it takes a long time before the sentence is finally decided and Newberry’s sentencing only took place in April 2014 after an 8-4 recommendation by a jury that also agreed to life imprisonment

Sex Offenders Must Be Aware of the Law to Avoid Committing a Further Crime

Sex offenders are unusual amongst convicted criminals who have already served their punishment meted out to them by the court. Even after they have been released from jail, they must register twice a year with law enforcement officials in the county they live in or wherever they have been requested to register. The requirement is rigidly enforced and sex offenders who fail to adhere to the requirements, often because they do not understand exactly what they have to do, risk being arrested again on a 3rd degree felony charge. Sex offenders who fail to satisfy the authorities may need an experienced Florida sex offender defense attorney to help make sure they are not unfairly dealt with. Th

Can a Police Officer Search My Car During a Traffic Stop in South Florida?

You’re driving in Miami or Fort Lauderdale one night, and you see the blue and red lights flashing behind you. You’re going to get stopped. It’s especially important now to understand your rights, especially regarding a possible search of your car. Remember, cops can pull you over for lots of reasons. A traffic violation like speeding or running a stop sign. Defective safety equipment like faulty taillights or turn signal. Even swerving on the road, which might give them reason to believe you’re impaired. These are just some of a host of traffic infractions that may cause you to be stopped. But just because a police officer pulled you over, does that mean the cops can search your car for

Guns on Campus May be Legal Soon in Florida

There are often two sides to a coin when it comes to the legal carrying of guns by just about anyone. This time, in the light of shootings on campuses throughout the country in recent years, Florida is considering legalizing gun possession on campuses in Florida. The student group “Students for Concealed Carry” believes such a move would offer them the chance to defend themselves if confronted by a surprise gunman while on campus. Opponents, who include many law enforcement agencies and college faculty groups, believe that allowing guns on campus would lead to more shootings, not less, and the proposed law change would not be a deterrent. The bill came up in 2014 not long after a campus shoo

Backlog of Untested Rape Kits Affects Defendants Too

There has been a lot of publicity in the media recently about the deplorable state of progress on rape kit testing in Florida. It has been reported that more than 10,000 test kits remain untested on FDLE crime lab shelves. The reasons for the backlog are varied, but for some innocent rape crime defendants the fact is that evidence on one of those shelves may exist which could clear their name. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) says that some of the kits are many years old and pre-date the use of DNA analysis. If these kits were processed using modern technology it might pinpoint more clearly who might have been responsible for a rape and, in fact, may have been responsible for

Possible Misdemeanor Charge for Romantic Couple Caught Trespassing

Gainesville Police arrested two people when it was alleged that they were trying to get through the door and rear window of what they believed to be an empty house. The intention was to participate in sexual activities. The two have been named John Thomas, 18 and Carise Duncan, 24. They were stopped in their tracks by the owners who were in the house at the time. They called the police then hid themselves in the bathroom. The police officer who arrived at the scene handcuffed Duncan and reported that he had to restrain her as she attempted to escape. Also, once she was in the vehicle she kicked at the window and, when apprehended, hit the policeman in the face. Both Duncan and Thomas were c

What are Your Miranda Rights in Florida?

Most Florida residents know something about their Miranda Rights and have heard at least a few lines of them at some time or other whether at the movies or jokes amongst classmates such as “You have the right to remain silent and anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law…” Being read your rights when you have been arrested is one of the most important features of our criminal justice system here in Florida. Many Americans however are either misinformed or uninformed as to what precisely their Miranda rights are all about, and when they have to be read out aloud by a law enforcement officer. The Miranda warning is a description where the wording indicates the rights

Ohio votes TODAY on recreational Marijuana legalization

To all my clients with pending charges of possession of marijuana, the wave of legalization has been helping me get local cases dismissed. But it is still an uphill battle for you in Florida. Here’s one example of what’s going on around the country. Ohio residents will decide Tuesday November 3, 2015, on whether to become the first Midwestern state to legalize personal and medical use of marijuana for those over 21 years old. If it passes, Ohio would become the fifth, and largest, state to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, following Alaska, Colorado, Washington and Oregon, as well as the District of Columbia. Keep an eye open for this announcement as Ohio would be the first Midwest

Man Arrested on Credit Card Fraud Charges for Allegedly Using Father’s Card for $44,000

A Gainesville Florida resident, 38 year old Stephen W. Maxwell, was arrested when it was reported to police that the man had used a “Discover” credit card belonging to his father without prior permission. He allegedly spent at least $44,000 over a period spanning more than 12 months. It has been reported that he undertook 870 transactions, none of which had he gained approval from his father. The card was mainly used for purchasing items at amusement parks, bars, fast food cafes and golf courses. At the time, the father did not press any charges but he did challenge the amount spent with Discover, which in response refunded the value of the 870 purchases. Maxwell was reported to have told th

Marijuana: How Much is Too Much in Florida?

Drug arrests are common in Florida and this time it is the turn of 43 year old Aundra Recardo Paisley, who was taken into custody recently and charged with possessing at least 25 pounds of marijuana worth $1.2 million and having a vehicle to transport the controlled substances. His suv was also seized for forfeiture. This report came from the Sheriff’s office in Lee County. Paisley, whose home is in Lauderhill, Florida, was behind the wheel of a Chrysler minivan driving in a northerly direction on Interstate 75 close to the 148 mile marker when a deputy caught him tailgating and consequently asked him to pull over. What caused the K-9 sergeant to search the minivan was the distinct smell of

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