Women Drugged Men then Stole their Watches

Police are seeking help identifying a woman who it has been reported drugged and robbed two men on different occasions following meetings in two different Miami area high-end restaurants. The first incident took place at Morton’s Restaurant while the second occurred at Hillstone Restaurant, but both on the same night. Police have released surveillance photos from the two restaurants identifying two women who are thought to have met the men and went to their homes for drinks, drugged them and stole their Rolex watches. One of the women who met the man at the Hillstone Restaurant in the Coral Gables is a black female, wearing a skirt and shirt who has long dark hair with tattoos on her back an

Immigrant Posing as Puerto Rican Now Accused of Obtaining Passport and Florida Driver’s License by F

It has been recently reported that an immigrant from South America pretended he had been born in Puerto Rico and used a Florida driver license to get a U.S. passport. This incident is one of many that has occurred in Miami in the last 12 months and has been brought to the attention of the Miami Federal Court. 35 year old Edinson Canaveral Sánchez is to be tried in a Fort Lauderdale federal court. His charge is filing a false statement in a passport application and claiming that he was a U.S. citizen when applying for a driver’s license. The Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) filed a complaint against him saying he got the Florida driver license while in Pompano Beach in August of 2012. T

120 Year Prison Sentence Possible for Florida Man Asserting the “Ambien Defense”

The Florida Times-Union reported recently that a Jacksonville man could face a 120 year prison sentence for firing two shots without causing any injuries. 58 year old Randal Ratledge, who is classified as an Army Veteran, is on trial. Criminal defense attorneys for the defendant have requested that the judge hearing the case, Judge Jack Schemer, waive the mandatory guidelines, but it seems this is unlikely as he is required to follow guidelines laid down by state law. Only the assistant state attorney prosecuting the case can legally waive a minimum mandatory prison term. Ratledge was charged with 6 counts of aggravated assault following a 2012 incident when communicating with his neighbors.

Ponzi Scheme: Former Miami Pop Star Promoter Faces Trial for Fraud

Jack Utsick was extradited from Brazil to Miami in late 2014 charged with fleecing millions of dollars from investors. After a long period of working as a pilot for TWA, Utsick decided to undertake what he had always wanted to do and that was to be a concert promoter. This he did, high in a tower block with a view of Miami Beach. He arranged tours at home and in Europe for top names such as Michael Jackson, Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac and Elton John, as well as many more top names. By 2006 his debts had started to grow for Worldwide Entertainment which was his business name and he owed millions of dollars to former work colleagues who were still working in the airline industry who had inve

Florida Men with Toy Gun Arrested for Robbery, No Match for Victims With Machete

A pick-up truck and a toy gun resulted in three men from Collier County ending up in jail over the weekend, charged with robbery. Deputies apprehended and arrested 18 year old David Lee Moya, Devon Charles and Alfredo Garcia, after they allegedly demanded money from people attending a small gathering last Saturday in Golden Gate, near Naples, Florida. Witnesses at the gathering told deputies that the three men drove up to a home in a red pickup truck at the corner of 20th Place and 41st Street Southwest. Moya was in possession of a pistol, and the trio demanded money from people who were milling around outside the house. Witnesses stated that the suspects then began to rummage through a vehi

Will Florida’s Judges Get More Control over Juvenile Crime?

Florida is only one of three states in the U.S. in which judges have little influence over whether juveniles are sentenced in the adult courts or the juvenile courts. The decision is an important one because the way offenders are treated in an adult court is quite different from the way they are treated in a juvenile court. In fact, currently Florida sends more of its juveniles to prison than any other state. Many people feel that this is unnecessarily harsh and does not take into consideration the fact that most juveniles are too immature to make rational decisions about what they are doing and should be given a greater chance to reform themselves before being treated as an adult. Others di

Common Thief or Mystery Shopper?

Mystery shoppers are employed in some large stores to pretend to be customers. The idea is that the “customer” assesses the level of service they get from the store employees and hopefully gives some useful feedback to store management so they can provide a better service in future. Mystery shoppers are not expected to wander around helping themselves to items in the store, however much they like them. They are also unlikely to be working on a freelance basis without the knowledge of the manager of the store, unless of course it is the manager that they are assessing! With this description of a mystery shopper firmly in mind, 20 year old Alexander Weigard may have hit upon a rather feeble st

4 Things You Must Know if You’re Arrested for Soliciting or Prostitution

If you tell most people that someone was arrested for soliciting a prostitute, they might imagine some guy driving late at night in a run-down neighborhood offering money to random prostitutes on the street. Any experienced criminal defense lawyer in Miami knows that there’s potentially a lot more to it – or, quite possibly, a lot less. The fact of the matter is that an arrest can occur for many reasons, and this is a crime that you can be accused of just by using words. Here are four things you must know if you’re arrested for soliciting a prostitute in south Florida. An Arrest Can Result from Many Situations There are many ways you could find yourself under arrest for soliciting a prostitu

Young Woman Arrested in Wal-Mart on Petit Theft Charges Said She Was Hungry

A 25 year old homeless Lecanto, Florida woman was arrested at a Wal-Mart just before Christmas on a charge of petit theft which is considered a misdemeanor here. Josseleen Lopez’s troubles began when she was spotted driving around the large Wal-Mart store on a motorized shopping trolley, helping herself to some of the store’s produce. Rather strangely, store surveillance personnel watched her drive around the store with a half empty bottle of wine but didn’t seem to take any initial action. In fact, the report from the loss prevention employee indicates they just watched Lopez sample various food items, open them up and consume them one by one as well as bottles of wine, but didn’t take any

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