Flatulent Husband is Attacked by Enraged Wife Domestic Violence: Was it a Crime?

A 55 year old woman was arrested on domestic violence battery charges after attacking her husband, who had been repeatedly passing gas in their shared bed, it has been alleged. She has been accused of elbowing, kicking, and scratching her spouse. Dawn Meikle will have to face a misdemeanor charge after the confrontation that took place at 3:20 in the morning in her Port St. Lucie home which she is sharing with Donald, her husband. Donald told police that while in bed he had “farted” and Dawn reacted by elbowing him. This apparently had no effect on him as he continued the unpleasant act until Dawn in the end forced him out of the bed. It wasn’t long though when Donald climbed back into bed a

When You Commit a Felony by Getting Married: Florida’s Bigamy Loophole

It would be rare for a sane person to commit the same crime twice without realizing that they were committing a crime, but that is what Virginian resident, Frank E. Blake Jr., claims is the case. He is alleged to have committed bigamy as it is defined in the state of Virginia twice and has been charged with that “crime”, which is classified as a fourth degree felony in that state. There, the person is guilty of bigamy if he marries another in the State while married to someone else or if he marries another outside of the State and comes back to live with the other person in the State, while still married to the first. There is also a misdemeanor version of bigamy, giving the state the option

Embarrassed Man Stole Sex Toys Instead of Paying for Them

33 year old Florida resident Christopher Masters was charged with shoplifting when he was caught in the act of stealing sex toys from a store in Vera Beach. The manager of Spencer’s gifts caught Masters red-handed as he placed the toys into one of the pockets in his pair of shorts. The Indian River County Sheriff’s Office reported that Masters had said he stole the items because he was too embarrassed to buy them. The manager of the store observed Masters walking around and after a few minutes left the store without paying the $29.98 that was the price of the products. Masters said he had sufficient money on him to pay, but a sudden feeling of embarrassment led him to walk out of the store w

Hit & Run Driver Dumps Woman Out of Car at 40 MPH

A high speed chase recently led to a man who had apparently just been released from jail being arrested on a number of charges including leaving the scene of an accident without stopping. This case is a little different than the one we recently reported on where a Hit and Run Driver’s Car Turned Informant on him. But nonetheless, the circumstances are a little strange and it is hard to fathom what was actually going on in the mind of Alaskan resident, Randal Scott Adkins, as he sped down Florida’s interstate highway I-10 with a female passenger. It seems that Adkins’ post release problems began when he allegedly failed to slow down sufficiently as he closed in on the Chipley exit. His Nissan

Pot Grower Calls 911 on Himself after Hearing False Chopper Chase

A high speed chase recently led to a man who had apparently just been released from jail being arrested on An Edgewater, Florida man freaked out after hearing a helicopter flying close overhead above his storage unit. He apparently had been growing cannabis plants in the storage unit and assumed that the chopper carried a police unit that was out to arrest him. He rang 911 and told the dispatcher on duty that “he was the guy the chopper was looking for.” According to the Orlando Sentinel that first carried the story, the reason for the stupid move was that the man thought that he might get shot if the searchers found him with his plants. In fact, the chopper’s presence had nothing to do with

Three Tips on Selecting the Best Criminal Lawyer for Your Case

An individual or business entity that is investigated or charged with criminal activity requires the professional guidance offered by a criminal lawyer. However, if you are looking to select a criminal lawyer in Florida, here are some pointers to find adequate legal representation from one who has been fighting criminal cases here since Ronald Reagan was president. Research It is extremely important to find a defense lawyer who is experienced in criminal law. Similar to doctors, the best attorneys concentrate their practice in niche areas of practice. Criminal legal procedure is an extremely complex field and therefore only an experienced criminal attorney should be engaged to represent your

Sex Crime Defense in Florida: Why it’s Important to Use an Attorney

Sex crimes, especially those that allegedly involve minors, tend to raise a lot of emotion and can easily become media fodder so much so that sometimes those who have been accused of crimes like child porn or child molestation find it hard to get a fair hearing in the state they have been charged in. It is vital if you have been charged with any sex crimes or think you are likely to be charged in the near future with a sex crime to engage the help of an experienced Florida criminal defense attorney. A 56 year old lawyer, Frederick Lowe has just been charged with possession of child pornography and child abuse in Pinellas County and is likely to experience intense media pressure over the comi

Criminal Defense Attorneys – When do You Need One?

A criminal defense attorney is someone you seek out to build a solid defense strategy when you are being investigated or have been accused of a crime. The defense attorney has the skills to design a solid plan in order to assist you if you have been charged with a criminal case. A good criminal lawyer will therefore have an outstanding negotiation as well as interrogation skills. A criminal defense lawyer in court represents the defendant. They can also be known as public defenders. This is due to the fact that the government hires criminal defense attorneys to defend the indigent in the court. Criminal Defense Attorneys Help You During Difficult Times Your attorney is someone more than just

THEFT: Florida Cop’s Wife Allegedly Stole Neighbor’s Christmas Gifts

Late last week a Florida woman was caught on a surveillance camera stealing 2 boxes of Christmas presents from her neighbor’s porch. It just happened that she was the wife of a Florida policeman and the neighbors were also a police family. The incident took place and was filmed last Friday but the arrest of Dana Hager did not take place until Monday when she was charged with burglary. Deputies from Polk County apprehended the 42-year-old after the victim had posted on her Facebook page the surveillance video showing the alleged crime. Sheriff Grady was appalled by the action of a cop’s wife stealing from another cop and the fact that the whole incident was pasted on Facebook. Hager, the wife

Alleged Burglar Faced an Alligator – Not a Florida Court

A 22 year old man suspected of burglary has been found dead some time after his alleged crimes in Palm Bay Florida in mid November. His name was Matthew Riggins. He went missing after law enforcement tried to track him down when he was observed trying to break in to homes near a pond. Investigators who were pursuing the incident reported that Riggins phoned his girlfriend to tell her his intentions to break and enter homes that evening. At the time, neighbors saw 2 men in black clothing behind homes in the area. Their observations led to police conducting a search in the area, including the use of a helicopter and K-9 units. While the search was underway, Riggins again called his girlfriend

Stiffer Punishments for Credit Card Skimmers in Florida

There has been a recent outbreak of thieves stealing credit card information at ATMs and gas stations in Florida prompting legislators to toughen up on penalties associated with this kind of theft. You may not even notice it when you gas up or put your credit card into an ATM machine, your card information may be invisibly hacked! As a kneejerk reaction, Adam Putnam, Commissioner of Agriculture and Dana Young, Majority Leader for the Republicans have joined a coalition of state officials who want to change the classification of the crime for the unlawful conveyance of fuel. This would increase the crime’s offense level so that the maximum sentence could be increased. The thieves have been us

Would Be Store Robber under Estimates the Power of Blue Cheese

A would be robber who already had a conviction for a previous felony got more than he bargained for when he attempted to rob a convenience store in Jacksonville Beach recently. The 32 year old man, Jacob Mercer, wore a Darth Vader mask and dark clothing when he entered the convenience store and allegedly pointed a gun at the staff demanding money. Instead of cash, Mercer got a jar of blue cheese thrown at his face. The jar was obviously quite a dangerous weapon as it managed to make quite serious cuts on Mercer’s face. As a result of the cheese attack, the former felon ran out of the store and high-tailed it in a silver car with New York license plates. In addition to the jar of cheese, Merc

Even Key Fob Thieves Might Face a Heavy Sentence

If you saw a couple of shifty looking people idling around a parking lot as dusk was about to fall you might think that a car theft was about to take place or some car windows were going to be smashed in order to relieve the vehicle’s owner of valuable possessions left conspicuously on the rear seat. A recent incident of auto related theft did not take place in a common parking lot but at an auto auction site. This particular site was a dealer only facility which was certainly not open to the public. However, two thieves managed to get fake passes to the auction site printed online before quietly slipping in unnoticed. Once inside they were able to eye up the lines of Mercedes, Cadillacs and

Celebratory Prison Release Party Soon Over for Florida Men

Two Florida men wreaked havoc at a party celebrating a prison release recently. Obviously not really realizing how good being out of prison can feel one ex jail inmate and his buddy hosted the prison release party at a house they had broken into. The owner of the house was away for a few days and while his house was vacant two people forced entry and spent 5 days enjoying a celebratory party. When the owner returned, he returned he was shocked beyond belief when he found two strange men asleep in his bed. One of the party goers was Jaquel Fleming, who was recently released from jail. He wished to celebrate his new found freedom with friend Keilow Roundtree. On finding the intruders, Mr. Thom

Man Bungles Successful Bank Robbery after Leaving Prints on Ransom Note

A man was quickly arrested for a bank robbery in West Boca Raton after his fingerprints were left behind on the ransom note he handed over to the bank teller. The Sheriff’s Office at Palm Beach County apprehended and arrested 25 year old Stephen Palmieri after he allegedly entered a branch of the Wells Fargo Bank in West Boca at 7009 Beracasa Way after handing over a note to the teller demanding money immediately. Tellers are ready for such requests and this teller pressed the silent alarm button and handed over to Palmieri some money. Palmieri then exited the bank but being rather unthinking he left his fingerprints behind on the ransom note according to the report made when he was arrested

Don’t make it Any Harder For Your Miami Criminal Defense Lawyer!

Few people manage to get arrested twice in a single day, but that’s what Port Richey man Donald Garter managed to achieve last Sunday when he first got himself arrested for criminal mischief then later the same night was arrested again for auto burglary. Facing a charge of criminal mischief is probably enough for most people but compounding this charge with a more serious one of auto burglary does make the defense more challenging! It was alleged that Garter went on the rampage on Sunday night after drinking several cans of beer and an amount of the drug Oxycontin. He was arrested for the first time after being discovered with his shorts half hanging off him and crawling out of some bushes n

Man Finds Young Parkland Man Peeping at His Wife in the Shower

A 22 year old man called Sean Francis Tucker of Parkland, Florida has been accused of peering through the window of a bathroom watching someone else’s wife taking a shower. Furthermore, this is the 2nd time this young man has been caught in the act. Tucker was arrested after the woman’s husband caught Tucker in the act at about 8 p.m. and called 911, the Broward Sheriff’s Office said. It has been allegedly reported that Tucker hid himself behind the couple’s Parkland home, concealed amongst bushes and managed to stand on a unit housing a water purifier adjacent to the bathroom of the master bedroom. This gave him an unobstructed view of the woman having her daily shower. It appears that the

When Is Indecent Exposure Really Indecent In South Florida?

Not long ago, the British royal, Kate Windsor ex Middleton, was on a good will visit to Australia with her husband, Prince William. On one memorable occasion her billowing skirt blew up with a sudden gust of wind from an Australian Air Force helicopter that had landed to pick them up. All eyes were immediately fastened on the lady’s rear end, which unfortunately for her was totally uncovered by any underwear. Whether she had forgotten to fully dress herself, just hadn’t had time because of a busy schedule or did this habitually we will never know, but if it had happened in Florida would it have been considered “indecent exposure”? It’s unlikely, according to a closer look at the Florida stat

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