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Wrongful Arrest for Arranging a Meeting With a Minor for Sex Using a Computer

Wrongful Arrest for Arranging a Meeting With a Minor for Sex Using a Computer

The internet has opened up a can of worms when it comes to some types of crime. Communication with a minor could be misinterpreted as an arrangement to meet up to have sex. This is a very serious crime in Florida and if convicted, could lead to up to 15 years in prison. Even worse, the crime could mean being put on a sex offender’s register.

Charges of communicating with a minor to arrange a meeting for sexual activity are often aggressively prosecuted by law enforcement agencies as they know they are hard to defend and usually juries have a natural sympathy with the minor. This doesn’t mean that if you have already been arrested or believe that you are under investigation for this offense that it is inevitable that you are going to be convicted. An experienced criminal defense attorney like Albert Quirantes Esq. in Miami will examine your case and the evidence that the police have against you and make a determined attempt to defend you against an unjust charge.

Defense against a crime of using a computer to facilitate a meeting with a minor for sexual activity

There are several reasons why a charge of this type can be attacked. In some cases, police will actually pose as a ‘minor’ on the internet in a deliberate attempt to induce a meeting to provoke an arrest. This, if it can be proved, would be an example of entrapment and would mean the dismissal of your charge in court.

The facts around the alleged offense may not be correct, even though police can use sophisticated methods to track any electronic messages you may have sent. They can apply and obtain a search warrant to investigate any electronic communication you may have made, including emails, text messages and social media accounts.

You could have been arrested, even if no meeting actually took place or a meeting took place with full consent by the minor’s parents. The purpose of the meeting may have been misunderstood or it could all have been a fantasy and there was no intention of having sexual activity with the minor at all.

Whatever the circumstances, you will need to arrange credible defense with an experienced attorney as soon as you can. According to Florida Statute §847.0135(4), this offense is a 2nd degree felony with long term consequences that could negatively affect you, your family, other relationships you have, your job and future prospects.

If any of the above fits what has happened to you, you should contact Miami based criminal defense attorney, Albert Quirantes Esq. as soon as possible. You can contact him at his law firm office at 305-644-1800.

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