Wrongful Convictions Can’t be Ignored in Florida

When thinking about a wrongful conviction you may well be thinking of the Netflix movie ‘Making a Murderer.’ While watching it you probably came up with an opinion as to whether the verdict should be guilty or not guilty. There is without a doubt most certainly a bone of contention about the outcome for the defendant. However, regardless of what you support in relation to the current conviction, Avery’s wrongful conviction is a stark reminder of the possible margins of error that the judicial system may accept. If you have been wrongfully charged you should talk to an experienced Miami criminal defense attorney before you end up in court and get convicted. Despite the increase in sophisticat

What is Vehicular Manslaughter?

If someone is killed in an accident, whether it was caused by the driver running a red light or speeding, there is a good chance that the driver could be charged with vehicular manslaughter. This is a serious offense and could lead to a 15 year prison term. If you have been charged with vehicular manslaughter you should contact Miami criminal defense attorney, Albert Quirantes, who can represent you in court. He will help to determine if the evidence is sufficient to convict you, which includes studying reports provided by witnesses and photographic evidence taken at the scene of the accident. According to Florida statute 782.071, a vehicular manslaughter charge could be imposed on you if yo

Unlawful Detentions

Is it possible for a police officer to arrest you when outside his / her own jurisdiction? The answer is a qualified ‘yes,’ but there are definitely some circumstances when an out of jurisdiction detention could be considered unlawful. This doesn’t mean you can evade the law and get away with it, but it does mean you should be alert to your rights. Just being arrested can be at the very least an inconvenience and often much more. An arrest may mean a night or two in jail. It may mean having to find an attorney to help defend you against an unjustified allegation. It might even affect your relationship with your employer. What it means by ‘outside of jurisdiction’ Police officers across Flori

Is the Use of a Threat on Social Media a Crime?

In the not too distant past, it was a crime to send a letter, post a notice in a newspaper or over the radio which involved a threat of violence, i.e. a threat to kill someone, or do them serious bodily injury. In Florida, statute 836.10 came into law back in 1913 and is still in force today. There have been several amendments since that date, particularly encompassing electronic communication, such as emails, cell phones and social media platforms. It remains a crime to write, email or post a message that involves a threat to kill or do serious injury to anyone. That includes messages posted on someone’s own Facebook page. Prosecutors interpreting the current version of the statute must be

Charges for Sex Crimes Could Impact Residence Choice and Location

When a person is charged with a sex crime, sometimes the defendant probably wonders why the sexual engagement was really worthwhile when it comes to how devastating the impact is when labeled a sex criminal. As a way of preventing violent sexual acts, or repeat offending, legislators have passed laws that regulate where a sex crime offender is at any one time and where residence is taken up. These penalties are an imposition on your freedom, so if you have been charged with a sex crime you should contact Miami criminal defense attorney, Albert Quirantes, to ensure you get the defense you deserve. The sorts of requirements and restrictions set for sex crime offenders when released are: • comp

How a Plea Bargain Works In Florida

If you have been caught and arrested when involved with a crime, the chances are you will face a number of charges. If you are convicted you could end up in prison or doing jail time as well as been given a hefty fine to pay. Some penalties may involve you being forced to do community service or being put on probation for a considerable period of time. A plea bargain is an agreement drawn up between the prosecutor and the defendant in which the latter agrees to admit guilt in exchange for being offered a lesser sentence. Why a plea bargain is reached The prosecutor could decide to offer a plea bargain for several reasons. One of these is that the jails in Florida are suffering from overcrowd

How Many People Are Still Inside After a Wrongful Conviction?

It’s hard to know just how many people have been wrongfully convicted across the U.S. over the last few decades. We are a little clearer about the numbers these days mainly because of the use of DNA technology, but the figures that we do know about since this was introduced back in 1989 may still be the tip of the incarceration iceberg. There have been more than 300 exonerations since that date, of which 20 were wrongful murder convictions. The use of DNA to identify the presence of individuals at a crime scene or eliminate them, either before conviction or after, has certainly improved the degree of certainty over but it hasn’t eliminated altogether the potential for wrongful convictions. W

What are Florida Criminal Law Scoresheets?

There are almost always consequences if you get convicted of a felony in Florida but you won’t always know exactly what the penalty is likely to be until you go to court and the judge and jury decide. Before any decision is made, the prosecutor will have made up a sentencing score sheet just for you. This is a requirement under Florida law and no person’s score sheet is typically likely to be the same as it is worked out by going through a series of calculations. The calculation takes different factors related to your situation and each factor is assigned a number. If the total reaches 44 points, you will be given a prison sentence. If the score is less than 44 points, you may end up with

The Effect of a Conviction on a Florida Professional

Breaking the law in Florida sometimes happens quite unexpectedly, maybe an extra glass of wine at an office party, or a second or two losing attention on a cell phone resulting in a fatal crash. Whatever the offense, there are often consequences that have to be faced apart from the penalties imposed if convicted. In particular, if the offender is a professional and faces a disciplinary procedure due to the conviction it could bring an end to a successful professional career. In these situations those most likely to be affected could be any of the following: • teachers; • medical professionals. If your career or the status of your professional license is likely to be in jeopardy due to a rec

Common Defenses for a Florida DUI

If you have been caught over the limit in Florida and you have been charged with DUI, you need to consider carefully your next move so that you don’t end up with the maximum penalty for such an offense. Florida treats DUI offenses seriously and even if you are a first time offender you could end up with of at least a $500 fine and lose your license for 180 days. If you have a child in your vehicle when you are apprehended by police the penalty imposed on you could be far higher. When you are first arrested you should ask to see Miami criminal defense attorney, Albert Quirantes, who knows how to put up an aggressive defense on your behalf. Improper stop by police An improper stop by the polic

What Are the Penalties for Aiding and Abetting in Florida?

In Florida, it’s a crime to assist anybody who has been involved in committing a crime. Aiding and abetting as a charge can’t take place unless the crime has been affirmed as having taken place. The person accused of assisting a criminal is called an accessory, and doesn’t actually have to be a witness to the crime. Conviction can only take place if the prosecution is able to prove the accessory had sufficient knowledge that the offense had been committed by the person who was being helped. Penalties are harsh for aiding and abetting a person who has committed an offense. If you face a charge as an accessory in Florida you will need experienced Miami criminal defense attorney, Albert Quiran

Determining What is an Act of Terrorism

Shootings of individuals or groups are becoming more and more frequent across the country. When such an incident is announced on the news the immediate reaction is that it’s an act of terrorism. Of course not all mass shootings are acts of terrorism and federal law does have a method of determining whether a shooting incident is an act of terrorism. Typically, terrorism refers to an act undertaken that causes terror. These types of actions are often motivated by a specific objective, such as for ideological, political, religious, or economic reasons. They generally target a larger group of people. So any use of threats, violence, or intimidation in order to incite fear or force others to tak

Much is Too Much When Handling Drugs?

What’s the difference between possession of a drug like marijuana or cocaine and trafficking it? To begin with, the amount is important. Also, the intent, i.e. what you were intending to do with the drug. The third main difference is the penalties if you are convicted. The penalties, including minimum prison sentences, are much more severe for trafficking than for possession. The distinctions are important as it is easy to be arrested for possession and even trafficking even if you had no knowledge that drugs were present or being handled. For example, imagine you are sharing an apartment with someone and this roommate has stashed a heap of marijuana in a tin in the pantry. The apartment get

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