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The Effect of a Conviction on a Florida Professional

Common Defenses for a Florida DUI

Breaking the law in Florida sometimes happens quite unexpectedly, maybe an extra glass of wine at an office party, or a second or two losing attention on a cell phone resulting in a fatal crash. Whatever the offense, there are often consequences that have to be faced apart from the penalties imposed if convicted. In particular, if the offender is a professional and faces a disciplinary procedure due to the conviction it could bring an end to a successful professional career. In these situations those most likely to be affected could be any of the following:

• teachers; • medical professionals.

If your career or the status of your professional license is likely to be in jeopardy due to a recent arrest, you will need to talk to experienced Miami criminal defense attorney, Albert Quirantes, as soon as possible, to get the advice and representation you are entitled to.

The consequences of a conviction for Florida teachers

In Florida Statute 1012.315, under the Ethics in Education Act, it states that no-one is eligible in Florida for an Educator Certificate or employment as a school administrator if convicted for misdemeanor offenses related to battery when a minor is the alleged victim or the luring or enticing of a child. They are also not eligible if convicted for the following felony offenses:

• neglect, abuse or aggravated abuse of a disabled adult or elderly person; • adult neglect, abuse, or exploitation of an elderly person or a disabled adult; • arson; • aggravated assault; • battery on a detention or commitment facility staff member or a juvenile probation officer; • aggravated battery; • carjacking; • soliciting, causing, encouraging, or recruiting someone to join up to a criminal street gang; • child abuse, child neglect or aggravated child abuse; • making a contribution to the delinquency or the dependency of a child; • coordinating a theft of more than $3,000; • handling stolen property.

Consequences of a conviction for medical professionals

The Florida Department of Health (DOH) subjects medical professionals to criminal offense screenings for the following health professionals:

• registered nurse who’s applying for licensing by examination; • chiropractic physician; • medical doctor; • nurse; • advanced registered nurse practitioner; • orthotist and prosthetist; • osteopathic physician; • pharmacy owner; • podiatric physician; • prescription department manager; • massage therapist; • massage establishment owner; • certified nursing assistant.

Under Florida Statute 458.331, a health professional may face a license denial or disciplinary action by the relevant board if convicted of any offense listed below:

• A crime which relates directly to the practice of medicine or to the capability to practice medicine; • A felony or other crime which involves fraud, moral turpitude, deceit or dishonesty in any jurisdiction of the Florida courts in any other state, or in the U.S; • A crime in any jurisdiction of the Florida courts in any other state, or the U.S. which has anything to do with the opportunity to practice as a licensed health care profession; • A crime in any jurisdiction of the Florida courts, any other state, or the U.S. which is to do with fraud in the health care industry.

There are many more professions other than a teacher or a medical professional that could lose their job if convicted of an offense in Florida. If you fall into a professional category and you face a conviction don’t try to defend yourself on your own but think about discussing your situation with a criminal defense attorney with years of experience working with professionals. Contact Miami criminal defense attorney, Albert Quirantes Esq., at 305-644-1800 today!

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