What You Don’t Know About Your Right to Remain Silent COULD Be Used Against You in a Court of Law

Everyone knows Miranda … or at least what they’ve seen about it on TV. Whether you’re watching Law & Order or Hill Street Blues, you’ll hear a police officer warn the suspect that he has the right to remain silent as soon as they put the handcuffs on. But is that really how it works? You’ve seen enough TV to have some sense of your Miranda rights. You’re entitled to them under the U.S. Constitution and the Florida Constitution, so it doesn’t matter if you were arrested in Miami, Key West, or in the middle of Broward County. If you’re arrested under suspicion of having committed a crime, then: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can be used against you. You have the right to

Stand Your Ground Defense in the Spotlight Again

The stand your ground defense legislation will be used to defend a man who shot and killed another man in a disagreement about the use of a cell phone in a Florida movie theater. Curtis Reeves, now aged 73, is a retired Tampa police captain. He faces a second-degree murder charge for the part he played in killing Chad Oulson, age 43. He allegedly argued with Oulson about him texting on his cellphone during the previewing of films. The incident happened in a theater in Wesley Chapel, Fla. Reeves allegedly shot and killed him. Evidence revealed from video footage indicated that Oulson threw the cellphone at Reeves and hit him in the face. As a consequence, it is alleged that Reeves shot and ki

When Sugar and Mints Get Confused With Cocaine

Possession of cocaine is treated very seriously in Florida, as a University of Miami student found out in August of 2015. Perhaps in hindsight rather naively, he decided to play a joke on the university’s administration just before one of their routine searches for drugs in student dorms. The young man, Harrington, spread rails of sugar, some aspirin and a dollar bill rolled up throughout his room. The administration did not see this as a joke when they made the discovery. They contacted the police department at the University of Miami, who immediately arrested the young man for felony cocaine possession. He was also threatened with expulsion. The police report regarding the incident stated

What Should I Do If I’ve Been Stopped for Shoplifting?

Maybe you’ve been caught shoplifting in Miami. or you’ve been unfairly accused of shoplifting in Hialeah, Coral Gables, Aventura or Coconut Grove. Either way, there’s a good chance the police will get involved. Take it from Miami criminal defense attorney Albert Quirantes: there’s a lot that the cops and store personnel will do to try to trick you into making their case for them. But not if you KNOW YOUR RIGHTS. If you want to maximize your chances that you’re not stuck with a conviction, here are a few things that you absolutely never should do. Don’t make these mistakes! Then it’ll be easier for your criminal defense lawyer to fight to get your charges reduced or dismissed. DON’T Don’t Si

Five Questions to Ask a Lawyer: Your Guide for Choosing a Criminal Defense Attorney in Miami

Facing a felony or misdemeanor charge can be one of the most stressful moments of your life. You shouldn’t have to face it alone. But you don’t want to hire just any attorney to defend you; you need the very best criminal defense attorney that you can get. 1. Should you hire a criminal defense lawyer? Yes. You want a criminal defense lawyer to represent you in a criminal trial. You need someone who concentrates his practice in handling felonies and misdemeanorslike the one you’ve been accused of. Someone who’s familiar with the laws, the prosecutors, and the judges will know more about the most effective way to defend you and your rights. Sure, it’s better to have a public defender instead o

The Wrong Person May be Named in Domestic Violence Cases

This month is domestic violence awareness month. It is a time when Florida clerks of court are ready to act as a resource for anyone in the state who wishes to be protected from this type of violence. It is a time also to highlight and remind the state’s citizens how alarming domestic violence statistics are. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement has identified in the last 12 months at least 106,000 incidences of domestic violence. In Polk County alone, the agency reported that there were about 4,900 offenses that were related to domestic violence. These are not the only statistics, as in the same county there were 3,800 injunctions filed with the County Clerk’s office from victims of do

South Florida Man Suspected of Importing Fentanyl – More Potent than – Flakka – Will Need Good Defen

Federal agents recently arrested a Miramar man for allegedly taking part in an international drug ring. He reportedly used Internet resources and the U.S. mail service to import a type of synthetic heroin known as “fentanyl” which is in circulation in Florida communities and has been claimed to be taking the lives of users in their hundreds. Aldolphe Joseph, aged 34, was arrested by law-enforcers in the wake of an alleged increase in the movement of synthetic drugs originating from China. Statistics just released from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement reveal that deaths as a result of fentanyl overdoses have risen by an overwhelming 114 percent in the last year. It has been highligh

Did a Miami Night School Principal Really Employ “Ghost” Employees?

Jean Coty Ridore, the Principal at the North Miami Adult Education Center has been arrested on corruption charges.The 38 year old, who had been employed in this position since July 2005, has been charged with grand theft, unlawful compensation and official misconduct. The authorities claim he took $1,000 worth of cash to take on an employee who never had to show up for work, but then demanded illegal kickbacks from him. Public corruption investigators apparently started to focus on the activities of Ridore after anonymous complaints had been received claiming that the Night School’s Principal had hired up to 20 “ghost employees” who never actually came to work but were still being paid. It i

Man Accused of Pimping Women at Miami Strip Clubs

The media reports that Jeffrey Garcia, aged 28, has had several charges laid against him in relation to forcing two young women to strip and take part in prostitution. These crimes allegedly took place at a couple of Miami strip clubs and also include possession of marijuana, human trafficking and taking the proceeds from prostitution. One of the alleged victims reported that she had to seek help from a nearby night club in order to identify the man called Garcia who she claimed was forcing her into prostitution. During an interview by local detectives, the two women said that Garcia forced them to walk along Miami’s Northeast 11th Street to solicit customers for sex and were told to charge

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