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South Florida Man Suspected of Importing Fentanyl – More Potent than – Flakka – Will Need Good Defen

Federal agents recently arrested a Miramar man for allegedly taking part in an international drug ring. He reportedly used Internet resources and the U.S. mail service to import a type of synthetic heroin known as “fentanyl” which is in circulation in Florida communities and has been claimed to be taking the lives of users in their hundreds.

Aldolphe Joseph, aged 34, was arrested by law-enforcers in the wake of an alleged increase in the movement of synthetic drugs originating from China. Statistics just released from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement reveal that deaths as a result of fentanyl overdoses have risen by an overwhelming 114 percent in the last year.

It has been highlighted that with the ease of obtaining illegal drugs from Chinese websites a new generation of drug dealers are purchasing cheaply manufactured chemicals and are having them sent by U.S. mail services between the two countries.

Fentanyl is a heroin additive and the drug can be far more deadly than another chemical drug colloquially known as “flakka”. Fentanyl is said to be 50 times stronger than the usual variety of heroin and 80 times the strength of morphine. A tiny amount can be lethal.

As long as the demand for illegal recreational drugs is high some people will actively find ways of obtaining such drugs and sell them on to clients. Sometimes, it’s not so much the effect of the drug that pushes people into purchasing it but the fact that it is illegal drives up demand too.

Penalties in Florida for selling illegal drugs or trafficking are high and long prison terms with minimum mandatory terms are often the outcome if an arrest leads to a conviction. Most sellers undertake their trade in quiet, less frequented areas of Miami and other Florida cities and towns making it difficult for arrests to be made. Because of this, apprehending a suspected illegal drug trafficker depends as much on information provided by informers as it does on detective work.

Often, wrongful arrests are made as the information provided does not always make identifying the culprit easy. Once arrested, the help of an experienced Miami drug attorney like Albert Quirantes is needed to establish the true facts around the case and ensure that no one is convicted for something he or she did not do.

You can’t always depend on a public defender to defend you as they generally don’t have much time to spend on individual cases and their resources are severely drained. An experienced Florida drug lawyer like Albert Quirantes will take what time is needed to ensure any penalties fit the crime and if the evidence is insufficient to warrant a conviction will ensure that a lesser charge is imposed or the case is dismissed due to lack of evidence.

Drug dealing or selling drugs to users is treated very seriously in Florida’s courts and prosecutors will not hesitate to ask for the harshest penalties, whether they are justified or not. Experienced Miami drug lawyer Albert Quirantes can ensure that any defendant represented is treated fairly by the justice system.

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