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Is cannabis oil legal in Florida?

In Florida, the legality of cannabis oil, specifically CBD oil, has seen significant development over the years, evolving to accommodate medical needs and align with federal guidelines. Following the approval of Amendment 2 in 2016, Florida expanded its medical marijuana program, allowing CBD products with high levels of both CBD and THC for residents over 21 with qualifying medical conditions.

The legal framework was further defined in 2019 with the passage of SB 1020, which legalized hemp-derived cannabinoids, aligning with the 2018 Farm Bill by defining hemp as a plant containing less than 0.3% THC by weight. This legislation effectively removed hemp-derived cannabinoids from the list of controlled substances, allowing for the legal production, sale, and possession of CBD oil, provided it adheres to the state’s THC content regulations.

Moreover, in 2023, Florida introduced more stringent regulations on hemp-derived products, including CBD oil, mandating that such products must contain no more than 0.5mg of THC per serving or 2mg of total THC per package. It’s important to note that while CBD oil derived from hemp with THC levels below these thresholds is legal, THC oil remains a controlled substance. Possession of THC oil is considered a third-degree felony, punishable by significant fines and imprisonment, reflecting Florida’s strict stance on controlled substances outside of its medical marijuana program.

Given the legal intricacies surrounding cannabis oil in Florida, individuals facing charges related to THC oil or those navigating the medical marijuana landscape can benefit from professional legal advice. The Law Offices of Albert Quirantes, Esq., provides experienced legal defense and guidance in such matters, ensuring clients are well-represented and informed about their rights and the evolving legal standards. Whether dealing with THC oil charges or seeking to comply with the state’s medical marijuana regulations, our team is prepared to offer the support needed to navigate these complex legal waters.

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