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Man Accused of Pimping Women at Miami Strip Clubs

The media reports that Jeffrey Garcia, aged 28, has had several charges laid against him in relation to forcing two young women to strip and take part in prostitution. These crimes allegedly took place at a couple of Miami strip clubs and also include possession of marijuana, human trafficking and taking the proceeds from prostitution.

One of the alleged victims reported that she had to seek help from a nearby night club in order to identify the man called Garcia who she claimed was forcing her into prostitution.

During an interview by local detectives, the two women said that Garcia forced them to walk along Miami’s Northeast 11th Street to solicit customers for sex and were told to charge $75 for intercourse and $25 for oral sex. Other activities they were allegedly forced to offer were stripping and prostitution at the Booby Trap and Diamond Dolls night clubs. They claimed that Garcia demanded any money they received from the services they provided and if they didn’t hand the money over, he threatened to harm them. Currently, Garcia is being held at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center (TGK).

It’s a sad state of affairs if it proves so easy to apply force to exploit humans but sometimes people are simply easy to prey on and are too afraid to seek help. Florida has some of the harshest laws in the country when it comes to people who are not married to each other who solicit, or agree to engage in sexual favors whether forced or not in exchange for money. Fla. Stat. §§ 796.04 covers forcing, coercing or compelling someone to become a prostitute and has been in force since May 1943. Anyone found guilty of these charges can be convicted of a third degree felony. This almost always involves a long prison term.

Prostitution, even though clearly defined legally, is difficult to prove, as the actual sex act normally occurs behind closed doors. This makes it easy for alleged victims to level accusations that are difficult to confirm. No one in Florida wants pimps out on the streets exploiting vulnerable young women, but crimes involving prostitution often raise emotions, making it difficult to separate fact and fiction.

Garcia has rights, too. Florida may have strict laws, but no one can be convicted unless evidence can be presented which removes any doubt in the minds of a jury of the defendant’s guilt. The state must prove a person guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in all cases, including this one. Garcia will need to hire the services of a competent Miami criminal defense attorney who will assemble the true facts and ensure he has good representation in court.

A good Miami sex crimes lawyer can pick out the truth, separate facts from fiction and ensure that the defendant receives justice and a fair trial. If accusations are leveled that are untrue, he or she will ensure the court gets only the true facts and not distortions.

The stakes are high in cases of pimping and pandering and if found guilty the defendant may be forced to face a long prison term. Legal representation in the form of a good Miami defense lawyer ensures that all evidence against the defendant is thoroughly investigated and if there is any doubt around the accusations the defendant may even end up with a lighter sentence or no penalty at all.

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