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Bug Searcher Arrested for Indecent Exposure in Ladies Restroom

Lorenzo Adan Ramirez is now in prison for allegedly exposing himself to a woman in a restroom in a swimming pool area at the Villages, Leesburg. Ramirez, who normally works as a landscaper, told police officers that the exposure took place while he was searching for a bug in his pants. It appears that the motive he gave for his behavior was not accepted by the police. Women in the restroom claim that he was so busy doing the searching that it was unlikely he was searching for a bothersome insect.

When someone breaks the law in Florida it is treated very seriously, whatever its nature. Exposing sexual organs in public is no exception and is covered by Florida’s indecent exposure laws.

Under Florida’s indecent exposure laws everyone is barred from exposing their sexual organs in any public place or area that can be viewed by the public, whatever the motive. If a police officer arrests an individual for committing this offense the cop has to be able to prove that the defendant intended to expose his or her sexual organ for others to see. The public prosecutor must produce evidence that shows the intent of the defendant to be lewd, lascivious or indecent.

Often, a blind eye is turned towards someone who removes all their clothes on a beach because it is not considered to be indecent exposure or the intent wasn’t lewd or lascivious. Clothes accidentally falling down in a public place do not warrant immediate arrest as the motive for the event happening was not predetermined. Likewise, urinating in a public place is unlike to attract a charge of indecent exposure even though it is illegal. A Florida state prosecutor has to be able to prove that someone’s sexual organs were exposed deliberately by a defendant in public, or even in a private place, and it was done with a certain lewd or lascivious intention in mind. This could include standing in front of a window so that passers-by could see.

Whenever the intent to do something wrong has to be proven by the prosecution a good defense lawyer has a chance to jump in and show that the defendant had no intention to be lewd or lascivious or even vulgar and that he should not have to answer to any charges or be punished with a life altering penalty. Getting a ticklish or annoying bug in your pants may just be that very good reason, he was trying to find the pest to get rid of it. But obviously, this behavior could be viewed as being somewhat suspicious if it is carried out in a restroom reserved for the opposite sex!

Indecent exposure under Florida criminal law is classified as a 1st degree misdemeanor. If the defendant is convicted he or she could end up serving a 12 month jail sentence, a $1,000 fine or both. Lewd exposure events involving children under the age of 16 years can attract a felony charge which is far more serious.

A Miami criminal defense lawyer may be able to help assist you in some way by claiming that there is reasonable doubt in your intention to indecently expose a sex organ and this may be enough to ensure you don’t get convicted and have to threaten your future by being shackled with a criminal conviction of a sex crime.

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