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Christmas Tree Thief Sought by Police

This Miami theft case is making national headline news. There are some things that you would have thought could never be stolen because either they are far too big, too visible or impossible to conceal. This latest Florida theft incident has seen the theft of 2 semi trailers stacked up with Fraser fir Christmas trees which are not only conspicuous but emit a noticeable fragrant smell too.

Miami police are searching for the two trailers which went missing last week from the Costco megastore parking lot in the suburb of Kendall in Miami, Florida.

The value of the trees is estimated at $35,000, a police report said. The owner of the trees and trailers is a company called Florida Beauty. The manager was able to locate one of the missing trailers near Interstate 75 not far from Weston but the locator beacon’s signal was soon lost.

Frank Ducassi, who is the vice president of the sales division of Florida Beauty, reported to the Miami Herald that the trailers were virtually new and as they are 2015 models they were worth $78,000.

Costco, which was supposed to be the recipient of the trees, was closed due to Thanksgiving Day but was set to reopen on black Friday with more trees expected to be on their way.

When the thieves and their horde are found they will have a lot to answer for. This sort of theft offense is likely to attract stiff penalties in Florida as it is grand theft on a large scale. Once the two drivers and any accomplices are found they may well end up with long prison terms, unless they hire a reputable Florida criminal defense attorney to argue for a better deal on their behalf. Even then, they may be facing a steep hill.

Sometimes when arrests are made, the police do not always get the identity right and people are charged with crimes they did not commit. The drivers who allegedly drove off with the semi trailers of Christmas trees may not be the only ones involved in the crime and they may only be paid a fraction of the value of the trees. Those people who coordinated this event may never be found and the drivers may have to carry the burden completely.

Often, when people suspected of a crime are arrested they don’t necessarily know their rights and react in a way that the interviewing law enforcement officer believes is an admission of guilt and the person is quickly charged. When police questioning is about to take place, all people arrested in Florida have the right to remain silent and have a criminal defense attorney present before any questioning takes place. That’s called invoking your rights and you should do so if questioned by police. Many defendants fall for intimidation such as being told that if they admit guilt they will be treated more fairly in court. This is rarely the case and all defendants need a dedicated Florida criminal defense lawyer to fight for their rights.

Being wrongfully convicted due to police intimidation can have a devastating effect on a person’s life, possibly denying employment and an income. A criminal record can last a lifetime. This is something that you don’t want to happen to you or any member of your family but is more likely to occur if you do not hire a Miami criminal defense attorney who understands how the prosecution and the court system work and will fight for your rights without reservation. Hiring a Miami criminal defense lawyer is an essential step whenever you are arrested or accused in Miami-Dade county. However, having your Miami criminal lawyer on speed-dial is an even wiser move.

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