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Man Pulls Gun and Crashes After Being Denied Job

It has been reported that a man appeared to have become extremely upset after being denied a hair cutting job in a barber’s shop. The incident ended up in a police chase in Casselberry where the barber’s shop was located. It has been alleged that the suspect pulled a gun after being turned down for a barber’s job but then fled from police. In the process, he crashed into two cars and damaged them. He then flipped his own vehicle and as a result damaged bushes, trees and a lawn. Sounds like a movie, doesn’t it? Well, surprisingly, these type of things are almost a daily occurrence somewhere in Florida.

TouchUps barbershop situated on 400 State Road was the place where this particular emotive incident took place. Fortunately for those in the barber’s shop at the time the manager was able to dial 911, which alerted the police. As the man hadn’t been apprehended he disappeared quickly from the scene in his own vehicle.

Deneen Olivieri was a key witness in the incident, and the one closest to the crash scene. He said if the trees had not been there, the would-be barber’s vehicle would have landed right on his house. Also, a vehicle which was struck by the fleeing criminal was completely totaled.

This wasn’t the end of the event as the man has been alleged to have popped a couple of shots before disappearing into the night. He seemed to be upset about not getting a job at the barber’s shop.

This whole incident was serious enough to warrant a helicopter with K-9 units being dispatched to look for the guy who was allegedly found and arrested.

Under Florida criminal law all these offenses are serious. The man has not been named, but if he is found guilty, under Florida law he will typically face a long prison term. Thereafter, he may have to wait a long time before getting employment. In fact he may never work again because the state of Florida and its employers are hesitant to employ people who have criminal records. The best thing anyone in this person’s situation could do is to hire a Florida criminal defense attorney who will assess the situation and mount a favorable defense on his behalf.

It’s not illegal to carry a firearm into a barber’s shop, but it is not commonly expected to be used to get a job! Threatening someone in a public place is illegal unless the person is doing it in self defense. Fleeing from a police officer is a felony in Florida and damaging other people’s property in the process could result in serious penalties.

All in all, this man will need an experienced criminal defense attorney to ensure the prosecution has adequate witnesses for these alleged offenses. It is quite amazing what draw cards the prosecution comes up with when they find the accused is not well represented by an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Trying to take on your own defense won’t make any gains as judges and jurors don’t take this sort of self defense seriously.

If you are faced with an accusation of this magnitude in Miami, you should definitely look for the best Miami criminal defense attorney you can afford, and do so before your court date. Even from the jail, you can call or have a relative call a lawyer for you. It’s a great idea to have a Miami criminal lawyer on speed dial. You never know when you will need one!

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