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Why are Some Acts of Alleged Criminal Activity so Obvious?

Just recently, police arrested a man in central Florida for stealing two big screen TVs, but in rather a bizarre manner. The crime was carried out in a way that reminds me of a 1970’s movie.

The man, 46 year old Vantice Beshears, was arrested after he broke into a Honda dealership to carry out the theft. He made the whole act quite obvious because he appeared to have no getaway vehicle to put his loot into, so he placed it in an SUV on display in the showroom. He then didn’t choose the normal way of driving a vehicle out of a showroom but drove the SUV right through the glass windows which surrounded the showroom.

Once out of the showroom Beshears didn’t take too much notice of how he was driving as he crashed into another vehicle while trying to get away from the vicinity of the showroom. He was eventually apprehended by law enforcers after the collision took place as he got out of the SUV and proceeded to walk down the sidewalk, apparently not too bothered if he was stopped or not.

It is not clear why Beshears decided to go to such great lengths to steal two big screen TVs, but what is certain is that he is expected to face 6 charges. One of these is for grand theft of goods valued at more than $ 20,000 dollars and another for a commercial premises burglary. As well as these charges, he may also face a charge of DUI as the arresting officers believed that Beshears was impaired by drugs or alcohol while driving the SUV out of the Honda dealership and slamming right through the windows.

It is also alleged that Beshears has outstanding arrest warrants for other offenses which have not yet been revealed. The additional incidents took place in Lake and Marion counties.

Taking part in a burglary that is so obvious isn’t going to help the defendant’s case as there are probably a number of witnesses who could describe the whole series of events. What he will need is an experienced Florida criminal defense attorney who will ensure that the prosecution doesn’t come down as heavily as they might want to on the man. Often, when someone goes out to commit a crime and does not cover it up there is something wrong up there that caused the person to act in the way they did.

A good Miami criminal defense lawyer will look for any evidence that might help in Beshears’ defense. Did Beshears suffer from some mental or emotional problem? Did he know what he was doing at the time and that it was a potential crime? Uncovering the human story that leads to an exceptional act of alleged criminality doesn’t mean he will be let off the grand theft charges but at least he may not get the maximum penalty. A good Miami criminal defense attorney can also look for ways to exclude evidence or weaken the case to be able to get the accused a better deal.

If you are in a similar situation to Beshears and are waiting to face charges and a possible conviction, talk to an experienced Florida criminal defense lawyer who will fight to get your penalties reduced or even clear your name if insufficient evidence can be found to prove your guilt.

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