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Attempted Murder: The Penalties Can Be As Serious As Those for Murder

Recently, an attempted murder by shooting took place in Fort Lauderdale which left two men suffering from life-threatening injuries. This incident happened just after 7 am in the 800 block of Northeast 62nd Street and both were taken to hospital, with one still in critical condition while the other victim has now been released. A man in his thirties has recently been arrested and charged with attempted murder in connection with the crime.

In Florida, the courts treat attempted murder charges by issuing the highest penalties. If you have been charged with attempted murder, you may face life in prison, fines and your conviction will be part of your criminal record which can’t be erased.

Attempted Murder in the First Degree

In Florida, an individual can be found guilty of attempted murder in the first degree in the following situations:

  • The person aids or abets an “intentional act that is not an essential element” of a felony that could, but did not, end up in death.

  • The person attempts to kill someone else when a crime is taking place, like arson, burglary, aggravated battery, sexual assault, or carjacking.

  • The prosecutor can demonstrate that the act of shooting was premeditated with the intended result being death.

Attempted Murder in the Second Degree

This charge can be used if the state can’t prove that the attempted murder was actually premeditated. A defendant may be found guilty of attempted murder in the second degree if:

  • Another person has been injured in a way that could be considered attempted murder, but the defendant’s intention was not to murder;

  • The defendant did not actually premeditate the murder but instead acted in a way that showed cruel disregard for life while participating in a crime that could be deadly.

Fighting an Attempted Murder Charge

It is possible for a criminal defense attorney to help you when charged with attempted murder because the court won’t convict someone of murder unless the prosecutor:

  • Can prove the defendant acted maliciously;

  • Can prove that the defendant intended to aid, commit, or abet a murder;

  • Can prove that the defendant’s violence was criminal.

We Can Help Defend You!

Being charged with attempted murder means you could end up in prison for a long time and when you are released you will be burdened with a permanent criminal record which may stop you from getting a job, including joining the military and renting a place to live may be impossible.

It is absolutely essential that you should hire the right criminal defense attorney to defend you against a charge. In Miami, contact, “Albert Quirantes Esq., Criminal, DUI and Ticket Lawyers” at 305-644-1800, who will do all they can to have your charge of attempted murder thrown out.


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