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How to Handle a False Allegation of Domestic Violence

How to Handle a False Allegation of Domestic Violence

A false allegation of domestic violence against a spouse, partner, family member or someone else close to you can lead to serious consequences. Even if a criminal charge laid against you is dismissed because of lack of evidence, it can still have a serious effect on your relationships, job and career.

False charges of domestic violence are not uncommon and are as equally hard to prove as they are to disprove. There is always the suspicion remaining after an allegation has been forcefully made. Apart from discussing the allegation with a knowledgeable defense attorney there are things you can do yourself to avoid the possible knock-on effects of such an allegation.

Show your attorney all correspondence you have had with the person who has accused you of domestic violence

It may be hard to prove that you did not hurt someone physically, but it is equally hard to prove that you did if no-one saw you do anything violent. Communication between you and your accuser can provide vital clues about the relationship you had and whether there was anything hurtful or threatening that you may have said. Collect as much electronic communication as you can find over the last few years which might show that the communication you had was benevolent, or at least non-threatening.

Change your passwords for any email or social media accounts you have

If your accuser has had a close relationship with you, she / he may know how to get access to your email and social media accounts. One strategy used by those who falsify accounts of domestic violence is to create fake threatening emails and other messages and send them to themselves as if they have come from you. To prevent this from happening, you should change all the electronic accounts you know you have.

Demand the medical records of your accuser

If the accusation is serious, you should demand that your accuser supplies medical records. Your attorney can help sub-poena any information or witnesses that might help show that allegations of domestic violence had no foundation in fact.

Are allegations of domestic violence a cover up of violence against you?

One tactic used by people who know that they have committed domestic violence and are worried that they could be accused is to turn the tables on the person they were violent to. By falsely accusing the other person of domestic violence it muddies any investigation and allows any real allegations to be disputed. The best way of dealing with this sort of situation is to gather as much concrete evidence as you can of threats or actual violence that have been made against you.

Contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible

Allegations of domestic violence are hard to prove and disprove. False allegations that result in your arrest and a subsequent charge could lead to serious penalties against you, not least your reputation. It is important to clear your name and get any charge against you dismissed. Albert Quirantes Esq. has dealt with many cases of domestic violence before and will help defend you from any charges against you based on false accusations. You can reach the Law Firm of Albert Quirantes at 305-644-1800.

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