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McLaren 720S sports car 'destroyed' in crash day after it was bought!

What Happens if I am Arrested in Miami Florida?

Police in Fairfax County, Va., say a local driver totaled a McLaren 720S luxury sports car just a day after it was purchased. That's not getting your money's worth!

The department shared an image of the smashed car on Facebook with the caption: "Purchased Friday. Totaled Saturday." The post added that speed was the main factor in the crash and warned drivers to "slow down, or it could cost you."

Luckily, the driver suffered non life-threatening injuries, which is a testimony to the over $300,000 super sports car.

The Washington Post, citing police, reported that the accident occurred at approximately 7:45 a.m. Saturday in Great Falls, approximately 15 miles northwest of Washington D.C.

Authorities estimated that the car was worth "around $300,000." When the 720S made its debut in March 2017, multiple reports said the car would be priced from approximately $254,000.

This is not the first time a McLaren has met an unfortunate fate. In May, police in Nevada found a totaled 720S near Lake Mead. Parts of the car were scattered around the wreck site, but the occupants only suffered scrapes and bruises as well. Here is the car before and after. What a waste!

If you get a speeding ticket for Arthur in an accident, remember you have options. Don’t pay your ticket, you will be raising your insurance premiums for the next many years. That decision will cost thousands of dollars and will add insult to injury.

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