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How can I get my license back after it has been suspended?

There are several reasons why your Florida license might be suspended.

• You may have failed to appear after you received a traffic summons, failed to comply with the summons, or failed to pay a traffic fine.

• You may have been convicted on multiple traffic offenses, which means that you racked up too many points on your license.

•. You also may face suspension of your license if you cause an accident resulting in a fatality or serious bodily injury.

No matter what your circumstances may be, there is typically a way that a ticket lawyer can help you get your license reinstated after a suspension, although it may take some time in some situations.

For a license "revocation", the reinstatement process is much lengthier and may be more difficult, but it can still be done.

Traffic Summons and Fines

If your license has been suspended for failing to comply with a traffic summons or pay a traffic fine, you must contact the traffic court in the county and do whatever it was that you failed to do in the first place. In some counties, you can even pay your traffic ticket online. But be careful when doing that yourself because you may be buying yourself a conviction, the points and possibly another suspension. To try to avoid a conviction, you should have an attorney do it for you. If an attorney sets aside the suspension, resets the case for court, and fights it for you, you may avoid a conviction.

After complying with the court requirements by either setting aside the suspension and requesting a court hearing or paying your ticket, you must present proof of your compliance, along with a license suspension fee, at any Florida driver license office to reinstate your drivers license. You follow the same procedures if you were supposed to complete court-ordered school, but you didn’t do it on time.

Too Many Points on Your License

If you have been caught driving in an unsafe manner on multiple occasions and you are convicted of too many driving.

g-related offenses, you may accrue so many points on your license that your license gets suspended.

For example, if you earn 12 points within 12 months, a total of three or four tickets you are subject to a 30-day suspension. 18 points within 18 months equals a three-month suspension, and 24 points in 36 months equals a 12-month suspension. The number of points that each offense earns you depends on the seriousness of the offense. Typically a Florida ticket will equal three, four or six points.

Get a combination of three serious traffic convictions such as driving while license suspended, DUI or leaving the scene of an accident or 15 traffic citations within five years and your license will be suspended five years as a habitual traffic offender.

To try to avoid these points or classification as an habitual traffic offender get a lawyer involved. Preferably, get a lawyer with experience in the defense of traffic offenses. To cure these types of suspensions, even with the help of a lawyer you may have to take a re-test, enroll in Advanced Driver Improvement (ADI) school, attend a hardship hearing, pay a suspension reinstatement fee and pay any other outstanding license fees.

Accidents Involving Fatalities or Serious Bodily Injuries

If you commit a traffic violation that causes an accident in which a person is killed or suffers serious bodily injury, you are facing prison time and your license can be suspended for a period of three months to one year or more after you are released from confinement. It goes without saying that you need a lawyer to fight these charges or you will be in serious trouble.

To reinstate your license in this situation, you may also need to take a re-test, enroll in ADI school, and pay a suspension reinstatement fee, as well as any other applicable fees. In the meantime. You can apply for a hardship license hearing through the Bureau of Administrative Reviews (BAR) office where you live, which will allow you to drive back and forth to work and for business purposes. Seek the help of a ticket lawyer for your best chances at getting this type of relief.

Habitual Traffic Offender (HTO)

If a court finds you to be a habitual traffic offender, your license will be revoked for five years. Following one year from the date of revocation, you can apply to the Bureau of Administrative Reviews for a hardship license. You must first complete Advanced driver improvement school (ADI). A hearing will be held and if your hardship license is approved, pay a revocation reinstatement fee and pay any other applicable fees.

Once the remainder of the revocation period expires, you have full driving privileges. However, if you never got a hardship license during the five-year revocation period, you can reinstate your license by enrolling in ADI school, paying the revocation reinstatement fee, and paying any other applicable license fees.

These are only a few of the examples of situations in which you can reinstate your license by taking certain steps. For nearly 30 years Miami Criminal, DUI and Ticket Lawyer, Albert M. Quirantes, has represented the interests of countless individuals who have lost their licenses for a variety of reasons.

Fortunately, there are a number of remedies that may be available to you under Florida law. At the Ticket Law Center, P.A., our first priority is to help you get your license back and get on with your life. Call us at 305.644.1800 or toll-free at 1-800-333-LEGAL to set up a time to talk to us today.

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