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Shorter Sentence Possible for Fake Miami Doctor who Sold Steroids to A-Rod

Anthony Bosch, a fake doctor who sold illegal muscle-building steroids to Alex Rodriguez and other leading League Baseball stars could get a 1/3rd of his 4 year sentence commuted after giving away the names of at least 12 associates who collaborated with him while he was engaged in the illegal distribution of illegal drugs in Miami.

Federal prosecutors have recommended that 52 year old Bosch, who used to own Biogenesis of America in Coral Gables, an anti-aging clinic, should now only serve two years and eight months of his original sentence. They say he has helped the police considerably in their investigations.

Federal prosecutors Pat Sullivan and Sharad Motiani reported in a recent court filing after discussions with the defendant’s Miami criminal defense attorneys that the sentence should be reduced. His first prison sentence was imposed after he pleaded guilty to a conspiracy-distribution charge in October 2014.

The final decision related to the case will rest with the U.S. District Judge, who imposed the prison sentence last February. If the judge supports the recommended lower sentence at a special hearing, Bosch should be freed from jail by the end of 2016.

Bosch is also undergoing drug treatment while in prison for his cocaine habit. If he is successful in completing the drug course another 12 months could be erased from his sentence. In the end the mastermind of what has been called a network for major drug distribution has not received such a high penalty, due to the help of good Miami criminal defense lawyers.

Rodriguez was not actually charged in this high-profile case, but was however suspended from a whole season of play for the Yankees. Rodriguez had denied repeatedly that he had ever used drugs that could enhance his performance. However, the Miami Herald said that he had confessed earlier to federal agents that he had used substances that were banned by the MLB. This never resulted in a conviction but he was punished by being suspended from the baseball team for a season.

In Florida, to convict someone of drug conspiracy the prosecutor has to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that an agreement took place between at least two people to engage in the distribution of an illegal drug. Proof for the conviction of a drug conspiracy requires that at least two people were involved and they both knew they were breaking the law.

A person in Florida can be charged with drug trafficking and drug conspiracy. A drug conspiracy charge does have some unique features, one of which is the prosecutor doesn’t have to find any proof that drugs existed at all – only that there was an intention to distribute illegal drugs. In the end Bosch got off lightly but this was only really due to the experience of his Miami criminal defense attorneys.

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