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Sex Crime Defense in Florida: Why it’s Important to Use an Attorney

Sex crimes, especially those that allegedly involve minors, tend to raise a lot of emotion and can easily become media fodder so much so that sometimes those who have been accused of crimes like child porn or child molestation find it hard to get a fair hearing in the state they have been charged in. It is vital if you have been charged with any sex crimes or think you are likely to be charged in the near future with a sex crime to engage the help of an experienced Florida criminal defense attorney.

A 56 year old lawyer, Frederick Lowe has just been charged with possession of child pornography and child abuse in Pinellas County and is likely to experience intense media pressure over the coming months. The case is likely to be well publicized because Lowe is or was a well known and respected member of the community. He had been a criminal defense and real estate attorney for a long time as well as a volunteer basketball coach at Eckerd College.

No-one in this country is deemed guilty until their guilt has been proven beyond doubt by a jury or they plead guilty or no contest to a criminal charge, but already Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualteri is reporting to the media that “Lowe is as sick as you can get”.

Lowe is alleged to have been found in possession of child pornography after a raid on his house and an inspection of his computer hard drive. The raid came after suspicion about his behavior was made known by a coach at Eckerd College who had been working with Lowe. The coach had reported an unusual relationship between Lowe and a 16 year old male basketball player in the college team. The parents of the boy also voiced concern about the relationship between Lowe and their son while neighbors reported that kids had been seen going to and from Lowe’s apartment many times but had never reported this before.

Because sex crimes often occur behind closed doors and between two individuals, it is common for some people to find they are subject to intense investigation with little more than circumstantial evidence available to back up the suspicion. Of course, if a defendant is proven guilty of any child sex crime, then Florida’s severe penalties are well deserved. However, experienced Miami criminal defense attorneys are needed to help separate fact from fiction in a sex crime case and ensure that defendants get the defense they need.

In Florida, just the mere possession of child pornography on your hard drive or phone may lead to a period in jail of up to 5 years and a fine of up to $5,000. Actually producing or distributing child porn or a repeat offense will mean much more severe penalties. Then, you are labeled a sex offender or sexual predator. This may limit where you are allowed to live and can limit your employment opportunities when you are released from jail. Being labeled a sexual offender or predator, you will now come up on apps, websites and search engines with where you live, your picture and other information and people will actually be afraid of you or living near you. The stigma will last a lifetime.

Lowe has been so far accused of child abuse, which covers much more than illegal sexual contact with a minor. In many instances where child abuse has been proven, it is sad to say that family members or people who have been trusted to look after the interests of a child have been involved. Child abuse may involve incidents of violence or neglect directed at the child as well as sexual involvement.

Lowe is currently being held at the Pinellas County Jail on a bond of over $300,000. If he posts bond, he will be out pending trial as he is innocent until proven guilty. He will need the best criminal lawyer he can afford to give him the best shot at freedom, even if he is a criminal defense attorney himself. His license to practice law will also be on the line.

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