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Even Key Fob Thieves Might Face a Heavy Sentence

If you saw a couple of shifty looking people idling around a parking lot as dusk was about to fall you might think that a car theft was about to take place or some car windows were going to be smashed in order to relieve the vehicle’s owner of valuable possessions left conspicuously on the rear seat.

A recent incident of auto related theft did not take place in a common parking lot but at an auto auction site. This particular site was a dealer only facility which was certainly not open to the public. However, two thieves managed to get fake passes to the auction site printed online before quietly slipping in unnoticed.

Once inside they were able to eye up the lines of Mercedes, Cadillacs and BMWs but it has been alleged that these two characters weren’t out to crack the key code and drive off with one of these sleek beauties but they were simply after a seemingly valuable accessory, the key fob.

When the two men were arrested and were named as 59 year old David Douthitt and 35 year old Justin Gibson they were found in possession of several key fobs. They told deputies that by stealing the fobs they were able to sell them online for a substantial amount of money.

The arrest occurred after the men were spotted by security officers at the auction site taking the fobs off the key rings that were presumably hanging off the expensive autos’ door locks. Douhitt told the deputies who apprehended them that people are purchasing the key fobs online and reprogramming them to be used with a variety of different models of cars. Douhitt recollected that he had visited several auctions in the Florida area over the past month, including Sarasota and Orlando.

Once Douhitt had been arrested his truck was searched and this was when the deputies discovered the fake passes for entering the auction sites as well as a number of key fobs with a total value of $7,900, at least.

Even something as small and insignificant as a key fob can attract a grand theft charge as the total value of the theft was more than $5,000. Theft of anything $300 or over triggers the Felony charge. Less than $300 would trigger a Misdemeanor Theft charge. These two alleged thieves were released on bail from the Orange County Jail and were issued a stay away order warning them not to visit the Manheim auction site again or they will face additional charges and their bonds would be revoked. Their cases are pending trial.

As with all thefts in Florida, the penalties are potentially severe and in this case the offenders may think their crime was quite minor. They will however have to hire an experienced Florida criminal defense lawyer to fight on their behalf to ensure that they do not get a more severe penalty than their alleged crime deserves. Defendants may face more severe penalties if they have failed to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to represent them in court and argue their cases. Prosecutors don’t have the incentive to offer a lesser charge or penalty if there is no aggressive legal representative pushing them into a trial.

If you are accused of a crime, don’t risk it. Don’t be caught in court without a criminal defense attorney in your corner.

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