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Man Bungles Successful Bank Robbery after Leaving Prints on Ransom Note

A man was quickly arrested for a bank robbery in West Boca Raton after his fingerprints were left behind on the ransom note he handed over to the bank teller.

The Sheriff’s Office at Palm Beach County apprehended and arrested 25 year old Stephen Palmieri after he allegedly entered a branch of the Wells Fargo Bank in West Boca at 7009 Beracasa Way after handing over a note to the teller demanding money immediately.

Tellers are ready for such requests and this teller pressed the silent alarm button and handed over to Palmieri some money. Palmieri then exited the bank but being rather unthinking he left his fingerprints behind on the ransom note according to the report made when he was arrested.

It seems that deputies after some investigation time managed to match a fingerprint on the ransom note to Palmieri from a national database for fingerprints. Once the identity had been established it was not long before Palmieri was arrested.

He is now being charged with grand theft and robbery and is being kept at Palm Beach County Jail on bail for $25,000. There are at this stage no further details about the force used when the money was handed over by the teller and whether a gun was used to intimidate. In Florida there is a difference in penalties between an armed and unarmed bank robbery. This could amount to jail terms up to 25 years depending on the circumstances. This assumes you don’t get charged in Federal court with a Federal Crime.

If you have been accused of a bank robbery in Florida it is extremely important to consult with an experienced Florida criminal defense attorney before any statements are made to the police. This is because you need to ensure your rights are protected particularly those related to your Miranda rights.

First and foremost cooperating with the police while being arrested is essential and if you try to resist arrest additional charges could be laid against you. This doesn’t mean you should answer any questions until your Miami criminal defense lawyer is present to observe the questioning. Ask to speak to a lawyer before answering any questions. This is your right under the Sixth Amendment which also gives you the right to a speedy and fair trial. Additionally the Fifth Amendment protects you from being forced to answer any questions that could be incriminating to you.

In either an interrogation room or court of law you can’t testify against yourself. Also, the Fourteenth Amendment offers a guarantee that you are protected equally by the law, which means you are treated in a proper manner. You can’t be insulted and you have to be treated with a certain degree of respect. If you feel that the arresting officer has treated you roughly or used bad language as a way of getting you to submit to answering questions you should tell your Florida criminal defense lawyer as this may help in your defense.

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