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Man Finds Young Parkland Man Peeping at His Wife in the Shower

A 22 year old man called Sean Francis Tucker of Parkland, Florida has been accused of peering through the window of a bathroom watching someone else’s wife taking a shower. Furthermore, this is the 2nd time this young man has been caught in the act.

Tucker was arrested after the woman’s husband caught Tucker in the act at about 8 p.m. and called 911, the Broward Sheriff’s Office said.

It has been allegedly reported that Tucker hid himself behind the couple’s Parkland home, concealed amongst bushes and managed to stand on a unit housing a water purifier adjacent to the bathroom of the master bedroom. This gave him an unobstructed view of the woman having her daily shower.

It appears that the woman’s husband caught him when he came outside from the side of the home. He could see Tucker peering through the window, unnoticed by the showering woman. He immediately confronted Tucker, who walked off, but stayed in the neighborhood, even though his silver colored 2010 Ford Fusion was parked just two houses away, it was reported by detectives on the case..

It seems that Tucker could not drive off because neighbors were out in the street waiting for the arrival of Broward Sheriff’s deputies. Detectives have been reviewing video taken from a surveillance camera that had been mounted on an outside wall of the house.

This is the second time that Tucker has been arrested for a similar activity. A previous incident allegedly took place in January, but Tucker was relieved of any charges because he had a good criminal defense lawyer representing him. Except he forgot to “expunge” his arrest and court records!

This time Tucker has been charged with loitering, burglary, voyeurism and prowling which are much more serious offenses. He has been released on a bond of $80,000 for the combination of Felony and Misdemeanor charges.

In Florida, loitering and prowling (L&P) are classified as 2nd degree misdemeanors. These two activities take place when a person loiters or prowls in a way that is not deemed normal behavior for a law abiding citizen and also such behavior could produce alarm in the vicinity where the behavior is taking place. Since this conduct is open to interpretation, a good criminal defense lawyer can probably raise a reasonable doubt at trial in this type of case.

There are stiff penalties for prowling and loitering in Florida, which could include 6 months on probation, 60 days in prison and a fine of 500 dollars. Apart from having to account himself for these offences Tucker also has an occupied burglary charge to contend with and this is a serious felony.

As Tucker is young, a good Florida defense attorney might be able to use his age to lower the charges and decrease the penalties or negotiate a non-conviction disposition.

Once a young man of his age has a criminal conviction it is extremely difficult to be able to get a good job or even attend college. The best he can do is hire a good Miami criminal defense lawyer to run up to Broward and ask for him to be treated leniently and given another chance to be a law abiding citizen. Taking the woman’s deposition may disclose that she may not want the full force of the law to fall on Tucker but maybe some treatment for his psychological condition may be in order.

It’s important to hire a criminal defense lawyer immediately in these cases whether you are in Ft. Lauderdale or in Miami-Dade County. A criminal defense attorney can intervene in the critical stage between an arrest and arraignment to meet with pre-filing prosecutors and persuade them in their filing decisions. This can mean the difference between a no action / dismissal and a trial. I always like to say, “keep your criminal defense attorney’s number on speed dial”, just in case.

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