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Man Caught Hiding Cocaine Behind Genitals Said it Wasn’t His

There are some pretty amazing places where drug offenders choose to conceal their drug stash, but none could be more unusual than behind their genitals. This is precisely what happened when Deondre Lumpkin was stopped while allegedly committing a driving offense. The police officer was not happy about the smell inside Lumpkin’s motor vehicle, even though he did admit to smoking pot. It boggles the mind as to why people continue to talk to and admit things to the police, when they have the constitutional right to remain silent and ask for a lawyer, but they do.

This officer found a package containing marijuana and 5 mobile phones while conducting a search. This did not fully satisfy him as he could still smell drugs after removing the package. His suspicion that there was more yet to be found led him to take Lumpkin to the police station for further searching. This is when crack cocaine was discovered hidden behind his genitals. Lumpkin declared that it was not his!

In this case of drug possession it will be very difficult for Lumpkin to prove that he did not have ownership of the crack cocaine simply because of the place it was found on his body. It is unlikely he would ever release the name of the real owner if there was one as it could lead to reprisals from that person and his associates. In the end unless he volunteers further information he will be punished for this drug possession crime. He has been arrested previously for drugs and weapons offenses even though it is not clear if he was ever charged. This time he has been bailed out of jail on $45,000 bond.

Florida has some of the strictest laws in the country when it comes to drug possession. Florida Statute 893.03 lists cocaine as a Schedule 2 narcotic, which means it is recognized for its usefulness for medicinal purposes but it could lead to abuse and addiction. There are 3 categories of possession which are: 1. simple possession, 2. selling & delivering and 3. trafficking. The first thing you have to think about if convicted of any drug crime is your license will be suspended for 1 year and you may not be eligible for any kind of hardship license for at least 6 months, absent a court order to the contrary. If you represent a profession you could find that your professional license will be suspended. This is where hiring the best criminal lawyer you can find comes in.

How you are treated when you are arrested will depend on what the police have found in your possession. If the amount of cocaine is small you most likely will be charged with simple possession, still a felony. But if there is evidence that you possess several packets of the drug you could be charged with selling or trafficking, a more serious felony. As weight is the determinant of a drug penalty in Florida, possession of 28 grams of cocaine could lead to a 3 year mandatory prison sentence.

A drug conviction is serious as it can have an enormous effect on your working life leading to job loss which in turn leads to strife in the family. The only way you can expect to be heard when facing a drug charge is to hire an experienced criminal defense drug attorney in Florida who understands what the possible outcome could be for your charge and defend you so you don’t get shackled with a life altering penalty.

Your lawyer can investigate your case, obtain all of the discovery, take depositions, prepare motions to suppress and exclude evidence, motions to dismiss for due process violations, can weaken the case against you, negotiate a plea bargain your can live with or go to trial to vindicate you and clear your name. Your drug lawyer has options available to help you such as drug court diversion programs which may lead to a dismissal of the charges or plea bargains wherein adjudication is withheld and the arrest and court records can be sealed and later expunged if you qualify.

Don’t skimp when it comes to hiring the best lawyer money can buy. Some offer reasonable fees and payment plans to fit virtually any budget. Seek out the best drug lawyer you can find because this will mean everything to you if you care about your freedom and your future. Fortunately, we live in a country governed by constitutional rights that cannot be abridged by laws. They guarantee us the presumption of innocence and you are innocent until proven guilty. Find a lawyer who will enforce these rights in court for you aggressively and zealously, as is your right to do and you will have the best chance of prevailing in your case.

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