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Albert M. Quirantes | Miami Criminal Defense Lawyer Office

Burglary & Theft Crimes

If you have been charged with burglary, shoplifting or theft, you want an attorney who knows the law, who has successfully fought for others charged with similar crimes, and who will leave no stone unturned to help minimize the consequences of your arrest.

Burglary & Theft Crimes in Miami, Florida

With over two decades of criminal defense experience, we know how to defend a case throughout Miami and all of South Florida.


Attorney Albert Quirantes has the requisite skills and knowledge across the wide subject area of criminal law.


We have extensive experience successfully representing people who have been charged with different theft offenses, including:

  • Robbery

  • Burglary

  • Shoplifting

  • Fraud

  • Auto theft

  • Identity theft


We understand the unique elements of each crime and know what the prosecution must show to convict you. Because of our extensive experience, we are also familiar with all of the available defenses to theft crimes.


Mr. Quirantes will work with you to determine whether acquittal is a reasonable goal. If so, he will use all his skills and resources to try to get the charges dismissed or get an acquittal. If not, Mr. Quirantes will use his considerable negotiation skills to get the best results through a plea bargain.


People who fail to hire adequate legal representation increase their chances of becoming a convicted felon. Felons must endure a stigma which time may never erase. Upon conviction of a felony, an individual loses many of their constitutional rights, including the right to vote and to own a gun. The convicted felon must also notify the police department of any town that they choose to relocate to for the rest of their life. Do not let a burglary charge affect the rest of your life and prevent you from reaching your personal goals.


For a free initial consultation with an aggressive Florida criminal defense lawyer, contact us today at 305-644-1800.


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