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Miami Chapter 7 Bankruptcy – $995 Plus Filing Fee – Call: 305-644-1800 Now!

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney in Miami, Florida

Why pay high legal fees if you’re going bankrupt?


Miami Bankruptcy Attorney Albert Quirantes helps people with a low flat fee $995 plus filing fees to process your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.  We handle it all for you, initial interview, preparing all paperwork in accordance to current law, appear at the creditor’s meeting with you and face the Trustee’s, litigate and fight issues which may develop with the Trustee and/or creditors in court and finalize your case through your Final Discharge in Bankruptcy.


We can discharge JUDGMENTS & STOP BILL COLLECTORS & CREDITORS in their tracks upon filing!


We are NOT A DOCUMENT COMPANY, we’re a real Law Firm!  We are a debt relief agency and our concern is to make sure you are relieved of your debts.


Here’s the Deal:


You may wish to declare personal bankruptcy once you realize that you can’t pay your bills and you are being harassed by creditors and their lawyers.  Don’t be ashamed of this, it has happened to hundreds of thousands of people – even Billionaires!


You have a RIGHT under US law to discharge and eliminate most debts and start over by having your lawyer file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy for you.


The new bankruptcy laws enacted in August 2005 made it more difficult for a typical person to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy, but not for one who is WELL REPRESENTED.


With proper knowledgeable legal representation most individuals who qualified to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy prior to the change in the law still qualify to file today.  It’s up to you to take advantage of a FREE, NO OBLIGATION Legal Consultation with bankruptcy Attorney Albert Quirantes, with over 30 years of legal experience, by calling 305-644-1800 now.


Albert Quirantes will be realistic with you about which debts can be discharged legally and which can’t.  Also, you don’t want to get yourself in trouble with the law. Mr. Quirantes knows when it is appropriate for you to even file or not, and under what section of the Bankruptcy Code to file.




Come see us at the Law Office of Albert Quirantes and Associates.  We’ll give you a FREE LEGAL CONSULTATION, we’ll tell you what’s appropriate for you and we will charge you a REASONABE FEE and afford you a PAYMENT PLAN so you can declare bankruptcy if you need to.

Call Us Now!


Albert M. Quirantes | Miami Criminal Defense Lawyer Office


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