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Albert M. Quirantes | Miami Criminal Defense Lawyer Office

Arrested For DUI In Miami? Drivers License Suspended?

Miami DUI Lawyer Albert Quirantes

Will Fight Your DUI Charges and Suspended License With Reasonable Fees & Payment Plans


Miami DUI Lawyer Albert Quirantes is on your side if you have been arrested for DUI anywhere in the State Of Florida. If you are in danger of losing your licence, you must aggressively fight the drunk driving case against you, you are especially advised to call Attorney Albert Quirantes today. We have the resources to represent you anywhere in South Florida and throughout the entire state. Mr. Quirantes has a long history of fighting for his clients reputations, striving to keep them out of jail and driving. We know how to protect your rights, your privacy and your image. And we know how to defend your freedom in even the most serious criminal cases including felony DUI and vehicular manslaughter. Whether this is the first time you received a DUI, or if you have had multiple DUI’s in the past, we bring the same level of commitment to the defense of our clients rights.

A Miami DUI Lawyer In Your Corner

If you want to consider all of your options for DUI Defense, call our Miami DUI Defense law firm now for a candid and confidential consultation. We have decades of experience successfully handling any and all DUI Charge cases in Miami.

Miami DUI Defense Lawyer | Attorney Albert M. Quirantes
Miami DUI Lawyer | Attorney Albert M. Quirantes
Miami Crimianl Lawyer | Attorney Albert M. Quirantes and his Team
Miami Crimianl Attorney | The Q

Albert M. Quirantes and his team


Our Team At The Law Offices Of Albert Quirantes Offers Clients:

  • More than 30 years of legal experience

  • Licensed, proven representation in both Florida State and Federal Courts

  • A lengthy history of victories in and out of the courtroom

  • Sought-after legal expertise and resources in Criminal & Traffic Defense

  • The capacity to navigate high-profile cases & deal with the media in both English & Spanish

  • A comprehensive scope of criminal defense services

  • Free initial face to face consultation and case evaluation

  • The price is right. Reasonable flat and predictable fees and payment plans to fit your budget


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