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Why You Should Hire a Lawyer if You Get a Speeding Ticket

Why You Should Hire a Lawyer if You Get a Speeding Ticket

If you get a speeding ticket and decide to fight it, you are better off hiring a ticket lawyer like Miami based Albert Quirantes, Esq. to help you. Some people think it is not worth the cost of hiring a lawyer and decide to represent themselves. Here are three good reasons why this is not such a good idea.

1. A ticket lawyer will save you time

If you decide to contest your speeding ticket, you will be told you will have to attend traffic court. That could mean taking time off work, or time away from your business. Attending court is not like a specific appointment. You turn up and wait your turn in the queue of other people who are trying to fight their tickets. You could be there for several hours or even find that there is no time left to hear your case that day and another day is scheduled. Can you afford to take that time off? If you can’t, then passing the whole thing over to a ticket lawyer is certainly going to be a good idea

. 2. A ticket lawyer is more likely to get a better deal

Ticket lawyers fight tickets all the time. They do this for a living and, not surprisingly, are good at it. They know the law really well and know its weaknesses. They have a good understanding of the technical nature of speed detection and are able in many cases to challenge a speeding offense because of proven inaccuracies in the method used to detect their client’s speed.

The ticket lawyer could save you from having your license suspended. That could happen if you accumulate enough points on your license. Losing your license, even if it is only for 6 months, can be a real nuisance and may affect your ability to earn money and do your job.

If the ticket was made out by a police officer who detected your alleged speeding offense somewhere, then s/he will be expected to be present in court. In many cases, the officer doesn’t turn up for all sorts of reasons. If the officer is a no show, then your ticket gets automatically dismissed. If the officer is in court then s/he may not remember the exact details of the case. The fact that your lawyer is there instead of you, may help you. This is because your presence could be just enough to jog the officer’s memory.

Ticket lawyers will fight to get your ticket dismissed altogether. That way, you don’t get any points added to your license. You don’t pay a fine. You don’t pay court fees. Your insurance rates won’t go up. If the lawyer can’t get your ticket dismissed then s/he will fight to get your offense reduced. That means less points and less fine.

3. A ticket lawyer will save you money

There will be a fee involved in hiring a ticket lawyer, but there is a good chance that this represents a sensible investment. People who get tickets tend to think about the fine they have to pay if they are convicted, but in fact the most expensive part of a ticket offense is the effect on your insurance policy. If you have points on your driver license, your rates are almost certainly going to go up. Say they go up by $20 a month extra, then in a couple of years, that means $2,000 more to pay. Add that to the fine, time off work, possible license suspension and court costs and the total could easily be way more than the cost of hiring a good lawyer, like Albert Quirantes, Esq. in Miami. You can contact his law firm at 305-644-1800. It’s just two blocks west of the Miami Marlins ball park at 1815 NW 7th St., Miami, FL 33125.

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