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Why Do I Need a Lawyer to Go with Me to the Police Station if I am Innocent?

Florida courts do not appoint attorneys when someone is arrested. They don’t appoint one until someone has been accused and they show that they are indigent for costs. This is why so many people end up in the court system in the first place.

Cops have excellent methods, and they are legally allowed to lie by Supreme Court case law, to get people to incriminate themselves or place themselves at the scene of a crime. Coercion, intimidation, outright legally lying – these are all tactics law enforcement use and when they are used in a controlled environment, away from outside support, most people, even those who have been through it before will give some information that harms their case.

Innocent people go to jail all the time because they gave out innocuous information that was later shown to be false and thus placed a shadow on their honesty and reliability. That’s one of the reasons you need a lawyer there – or at least to remember that you have a sixth amendment constitutional right to have one present before being questioned about anything, and a fourth amendment right to remain silent. Remember it. Exercise it.

The problem with memory, and something our courts refuse to accept, is that it is incredibly flawed. Our brains store memories imperfectly and yet that memory can be used to unjustifiably accuse someone of a crime or send them to prison on someone’s word. You may under ruthless questioning say that you were at the store when you were home, or at home when you were actually getting gas for your vehicle and all it takes is one other person to remember it differently and you are in the hot seat.

Criminal defense attorneys are there to ensure that these things don’t happen, to preserve your right to silence, to be the bad guy that tells the cop you’re not saying anything. We prevent misunderstandings from taking root and putting our clients in a spot where they are accused of a crime. So do you need an attorney just for “routine questioning” or visiting the police station? Yes, yes you do. Even the cops and prosecutors need attorneys and they get them when they’re in the hot seat. You make sure you do the same.

Keep an attorney’s number on speed dial. You never know when you’ll need a good Miami criminal defense attorney’s help.

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