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Robber Dropped Wallet with ID at Crime Scene

Recently, Devonte Levoris Pace, along with some associates, walked up to a group of men near a bar in the Florida Panhandle, pulled out guns and stole cash valued at $600 dollars. There was little more that the victims could do than hand over their wallets and continue on their way thinking to themselves that they were victims of a robbery that nothing could be done about.

For anyone in Florida there is always a chance that at some time or another they are going to be a victim of a robbery. In 2014 there were nearly 25, 000 reported cases. This recent robbery, even though successful, had a certain unusual twist to it as one of the assailants inadvertently swapped his wallet for the one he stole by dropping his at the scene of the crime.

Pace was eventually arrested in Panama City after the police were able to identify him from the identification that he had left in his wallet. In this case a robbery might have been solved but it is not yet certain whether the accomplices of Pace would be caught and charged too. They were all captured on surveillance cameras in the act of armed robbery but often surveillance video is blurred into the background making it difficult to truly identify those who have been filmed.

Robbery is a criminal offense in Florida and a conviction could result in a 30 year prison term in a Florida State prison. Typically, robbery in Florida is considered to be a violent crime, which is why the punishment can be so severe. The harshest penalties are enforced when the crime has taken place with another person, when a weapon is used to threaten the victim, or the victim is injured in the process. Also, when someone is robbed in a public place, force of some type is usually used to extract money or other valuables from the victim. This means instilling fear in the victim or victims which makes robbery an even more serious crime.

There are various types of robbery which include robbery by sudden snatching, robbery with a deadly weapon, robbery with a firearm, carjacking and home invasion robberies. Because robbery is characterized as a violent crime it becomes a felony offense when a robber is charged. The most severe is 1st degree felony when a weapon is used. The penalty could reach 15 years in a state prison or longer – up to 30 years – if a deadly weapon is used. Long prison terms are not the only penalties as fines up to $10,000 could be imposed and a criminal record will be felt for the rest of your life.

If you have been arrested as a suspect in a robbery you should not waste any time but hire an experienced Florida criminal defense attorney to represent you. The police don’t always identify suspects correctly which often leads to misidentification and false accusations which you may not be able to defend successfully on your own. Ensure you act as soon as possible as you are legally entitled to have an attorney present when you are being questioned as well as at your court appearance.

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