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Marijuana: How Much is Too Much in Florida?

Drug arrests are common in Florida and this time it is the turn of 43 year old Aundra Recardo Paisley, who was taken into custody recently and charged with possessing at least 25 pounds of marijuana worth $1.2 million and having a vehicle to transport the controlled substances. His suv was also seized for forfeiture. This report came from the Sheriff’s office in Lee County.

Paisley, whose home is in Lauderhill, Florida, was behind the wheel of a Chrysler minivan driving in a northerly direction on Interstate 75 close to the 148 mile marker when a deputy caught him tailgating and consequently asked him to pull over.

What caused the K-9 sergeant to search the minivan was the distinct smell of marijuana. He found the valuable cargo bound up into 6 bundles. It was revealed that Paisley has been arrested before on a range of charges from aggravated assault while using a deadly weapon and other narcotics charges. This will mean he will need an experienced Florida drug defense lawyer to help ensure he it’s either acquitted or does not get a greater punishment than he deserves.

In cases of drug possession like this, Florida has a strict punishment system which depends on the amount found in possession, even though in some other states marijuana use has been legalized for medical use at least. The state of Florida has passed one medical cannabidiol (CBD) law which allows for the use of cannabis extracts that are low in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and high in CBD. These are the two major constituents in cannabis. For now, this exception is only for the treatment of serious, epileptic conditions that are debilitating. In general though, most marijuana possession arrests will involve a punishment.

If the prosecution can prove that Paisley was aware of possessing 25 pounds of cannabis, it will be classified as a felony under Florida law. This attracts a prison sentence with a maximum of 5 years and a fine of $5,000 or less. If it is found that Paisley had more than 25 pounds of the drug, it is a felony which attracts a minimum mandatory sentence of a 3 year prison term but a maximum of 15 years and a fine of up to $25,000. The greater the amount of cannabis found on the person the higher the penalty and with considerable amounts, 30 years behind bars is a possibility.

It is critical for Paisley to hire an experienced Miami drug defense attorney as the amount of the drug in his possession down to the nearest ounce could seriously affect his penalty. If the police weigh the drugs and find they weigh more than 25 pounds, Paisley Will be charged with trafficking in marijuana, may not be able to escape a prison term and could also have a substantial fine to pay too.

When somebody is convicted of any offense in Florida and the punishment is a mandatory minimum sentence (MMS), the judge does not have the power to sentence any defendant to a lesser time than the stated minimum mandatory prison term. In most cases a defendant is not even entitled to parole, but must serve the mandatory minimum sentence as laid down by state law.

Miami Marijuana Law Attorney

Why do some Miami defendants accused of possession of over 25 pounds of marijuana for those who are in possession of marijuana grow houses, wind up not going to prison? It has to do with the criminal defense attorney they use to defend them. Miami criminal defense attorney Albert Quirantes has been fighting possession of a large amount of marijuana and drug cases for over 27 years.

Miami criminal defense lawyer Albert Quirantes has the experience and resources to fight to suppress illegally obtained evidence, negotiate the best outcome or take your case to the jury. While the judge may not go below the minimum mandator prison term on a finding of guilt, the state attorney has the power to do so. It takes a good Miami criminal defense lawyer to persuade them to do so, because they will not routinely waive the minimum mandatory prison term.

In a case like this, it pays to retain the best criminal defense attorney in Miami because the defendants will be fighting for their freedom for the better part of their lives. Even the best criminal defense lawyer in Miami has his or her work cut out in a case of possession of a large amount of marijuana, cocaine or any other drug in Florida. It pays to take advantage of the free initial consultation and case evaluation provided by veteran Miami drug lawyer Albert Quirantes, if you or a loved one have been arrested for possession of illegal drugs in Florida.

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